Saturday, December 18, 2010

Tweenie Bopper Bedrooms

I'm almost done with the painting the Noodle's room, girlfriends!  I just have one side of a door left and the walls!!  Woo HOO!

That darn Zuddy still has a lot to do before we can move her in there, though.  Zuddy?  Are you reading this?  I know you are, you unshaven man, you.  (Zuddy thinks he's growing a beard.  Zuddy's going to find himself and all of his stuff on the street if he doesn't shave soon.)

Here are the things on Zuddy's list:
  • New baseboards for 2 of the walls.  We were planning on refinishing all the woodwork in our house, but when we tried to take the baseboards off, they split.
  • Finish off the closet.  We are going to put 2 rows of hanging bars on the left side, and lots of shelving on the right side.  Because the Noodle is showing signs of being a shameless hoarder.
  • Crown Molding (Moulding?)
  • Spray paint the Jenny Lind bed Silver we have a full size bed frame that I bought, oh?....16 years ago.  We married and moved into this house almost 15 years ago.  And there it sits.  In the basement.
  • Hang drapery hardware.
  • Move white blinds in new bedroom.  We're just going to use the blinds that are in her current bedroom.
Here are the things on my list:
  • Finish painting the door
  • Clean up all the door hardware and put it back on the doors.
  • Paint the walls
  • Move the Noodle in to her room. We'll just move her current bed in there until we get her a new full size mattress.
  • Buy a full size mattress.  I'm really hoping to find one that someone's trying to get rid of.
  • Buy new bedding.  All white.
  • Buy a new rug
  • Buy a new light fixture. From IKEA. She wants this one:  

     Or this one:
  • Get some drapery hardware.
 Wow.  That's kind of a long list, isn't it?

For your viewing pleasure, here are some great looking tweenie bopper bedrooms.  I think I got them all from Houzz:


Thirkellgirl said...

Can't wait to see a silver Jenny Lind bed. I would never have thought to do that. Love the Ikea pendants, especially the first one. I've seen it in the store and it really shows up from a long way away. Love the second room with the funky rug and red (pink?) shelves. I could see doing that to my daughter's room if she didn't have to share it.

Sarah said...

Cuttte! Lots to do- cant wait to see it! Zuddy move your mountain man boot-tay so Marts can work her magic!
PS Be careful of any used beds...there is a bed bug epidemic out here. No joke. That crap is freakkkky. For realz.

PS- I like the first pendant light. A tween? Insane.

Martha said...

Hi Girlz!

Ahhhh....the bedbugs. No worries, I've schooled myself on what to look for. They are nasty little suckers, aren't they?

Thirks, I like that one too. I also love the last one.

I've been told by noodle that she likes more modern things than I do. Hense, the light fixture. I feel bad for her because all of her furniture is pretty traditional, so I'm trying to hip-up the details.

PS - Zuddy shaved!! Gooooood boy!

Kim said...

Darn, all of those tween rooms are way nicer than any room in my grown up house!

Whenever I see those light fixtures at IKEA, I tell Glenn "those would be so cute in a teen girl's room!"

Michelle said...

Either of those light fixtures will be perfect for a hip tween room. All of those rooms have a good mix of traditional and modern (or traditional made more modern by color), so they're perfect inspiration photos for you to work from. I know you'll figure out just the right mix.

If the Salvation Army in the Warehouse District is still around, that was always my favorite place to shop for fun accessories. Their basement is full of all of their donations from Target and other retail stores. My mom found the bench she wanted for her entryway (which retailed for over $100) at that Salvo--in the box for $20.

MJ said...

I CANNOT BELIEVE YOU ARE GOING TO PAINT THAT BED!! Isn't that the bed that Zuddy painstakingly stripped and refinished? I was totally awestruck by the baby-butt-smooth finish he got on all those little crevices. Sigh.

Of course everything you do turns out gorgeous. You've got some guts, lady.


Martha said...

Heee heeee! MJ!

Okay. YES. He sanded and stained PART of that bed...but in true Ziemer fashion, half of that bed sits in the basement with bare wood. And I had that sucker dipped to remove the milk paint that was on it...twice. That old milk paint was strong stuff!

Michelle! That Sal. Army is the BEST, isn't it? There's always tons of furniture there!

Kim, I can't wait to go and get one of those lights!


Thirkellgirl said...

That second room down is really eating at me. I had to put that photo on my desktop. Why don't you do that to Noodle's room so I don't have to do it to my daughter's? 'k, thanks. :)

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