Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Hale Navy


Midnight Blue


 I brought the Hale Navy home and I knew it would be too light.

So I asked Noodle what she thought and she agreed: we needed to go darker.

 I've got the first coat of Midnight Blue on the vanity and I think I LOVE IT!!!! 

Also, painting the medicine cabinet white has almost made the lightbulbs recede and become less noticeable.

Now I'm starting to rethink my shower curtain choice.  I wonder if white is a bad choice...will I have to wash Zuddy's filthy filthy man paw prints off of it all of the time?
Will it bug me?
Should I go for something like this instead?

pottery barn

The shower curtain I have now is kind of loud, so I'm ready for a change and didn't really want to go with a print.  
What do you think? 


Thirkellgirl said...

I like the paisley better. It's one room where you can make a big statement that's 100% changeable if you don't like it. I change my shower curtain all the time. I'm crazy like that. Interested to see your vanity, because I've been contemplating painting a mirror navy.

Linda G said...

Hale Navy? Hale No! Ha ha ha
I think the darker color will be a good decision. You don't want to go through all that trouble and find out your color is all mamby-pamby middle-of-the-road (what am I, 80 years old?).
I also like the paisley curtain. If you do want to go all white with the curtain (I'm a fan of bleaching, myself), maybe a texture or pattern would be enough to distract you from imperfections?

Martha said...

Oh, Linda, you crazy kook!!! Dang right, sista. What the Hale? I'm not going to Hale and back to get the right color! No, sir.

You two might be right about the shower curtain....

Thirks, I'm loving it so far. I just painted the second coat. I think 2 coats might do the trick.

MJ said...

It's gorgeous. I have a white waffle weave shower curtain that shrunk to a tea towel after the first wash. The grubby paw prints on the upper right corner drive me crazy and every time I wash it it gets smaller.

Stephanie said...

I have a similar shower curtain - more damask than paisley. I bought it to replace an almost completely solid white shower curtain that regularly had grubby kindergartener paw prints on it and the difference has been huge. Completely hides the grab marks. :)

BTW, I LOOOOVE navy as a wall color! :)

SeaWorthy said...

We had a navy blue bathroom in our last house..I CRAVED it..

That beautiful house is now in foreclosure and just MIGHT be bought back by my crazy ass husband and his very renovation thirsty wife. you know, for another RE-DO!
You better post up some photos of that bath..Im sure its rockin..

woo hoo, Fartster!

Martha said...


Yeah, I think you're right. White might make me nuts. But, dang, I love the look!

By the way? Your playroom is all over Pinterest, my friend!


Woo Hoo!!! Can't wait to see some new interiors from Sea Worthy!

Anonymous said...

Hi Martha - just checking in to see what is going on with your bathroom. I like the paisley curtain too. I also love the two knobs in green and sea foam(?). We are interviewing companies for our kitchen remodel, 3rd one tonight. You will have to come take a look.


Martha said...


Can't wait to see your big Kitchen plans!! When can you show me?


Thirkellgirl said...

Ok, it's been two months. Report status, as we say here. In the past couple months we did the easy half of a kitchen reno (still have the sink side, which will be more complicated) and I LOVE it. I was going to go with Ikea birch countertops but when I went to place my order they were sold out in four states, so I picked a Formica in about thirty seconds and I love it. I'll show you mine if you show me yours. Projects, I mean.

Unknown said...

Dying of suspense! Do you think you still love the dark vanity? Is Zuddy leaving man paw prints on the shower curtain? Spill! (please)