Friday, January 17, 2014

Living Tiny.

 There is something seriously wrong with me.  Here I sit, with an unexpected day off. I have big plans to wash the floors in my cute little cottage and all I can do is scour Pinterest for photos and links of tiny houses.

I am totally obsessed.

I don't know if Zuddy even realizes the level of my obsession, as I try not to show him everything I pin. I mean, we have talked about a cute little cottage plunked in the middle of the woods and I show him a few photos, which he seems to enjoy. But if saw how much time I spend on this, it may worry him.  

So I will show you, internets :)

Here are some of my faves: 

The mac-daddy.  My dream cottage by Kanga Cottages:

Here is an Airstream makeover found on the Houzz website:

Can you imagine?

Here's a version of a Tumbleweed Cottage customized by a woman in Arkansas ...she has a blog with a tour of this perfect little gem.  Her builder made changes to the original floor plan.  Beautiful! I can go and finish my floors.

Do you like tiny houses?


Michelle said...

I am completely in love with the baskets under the ladder stairs in that first house. So freakin' adorable.

I think eventually I could make a tiny house work if the kitchen were big enough. I finally have a good-sized kitchen, and I don't think I can go back.

Anonymous said...

Pinterest....I spend way to much time there as well! Love the choices you are showing us of the cottages.
Kathleen (formerly housethingsilike)

Unknown said...

Those Kanga homes are pretty adorable! I love the thought that has gone into them.
I vacillate between wanting to live small and having more space. I have always wanted to live within my means and have a home where we use all the rooms each day (which we currently do). I have two little ones under the age of 3, though, so I think having everything underfoot all the time is starting to drive me mad. At another time I think I will yearn for these small homes again. You know, when everything they use daily is no longer made of colorful plastic. That day will come, right?