Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Funny stuff.......

This chickie-doo cracks me UP! I'm only half-way through her archives, but it's knee-slapping-laugh-out-loud hilarity, people!

I've got to stop now. I really need to get some actual work done that I get paid for. I've made a deal that if I get two recipes done today I can read more of her blog.

Music selection today:

Go and git it. Especially if you're a girl. It's such a great, uplifting cd. India rocks.

Now. The other one I'm listening to (just to balance out the hipness factor of Inda.Arie):

Zuddy and I were watching a documentary on PBS about these two. He bought me the cd last night while he and the Noodle had a daddy-daughter date. Pretty sweet.

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Pen said...

My mom listened to The Carpenters all the time when I was growing up. I still love hearing them. I remember when I heard Karen had died. We had to do a report for some class on a current event and her death was my topic!