Saturday, April 14, 2007

Mouths of Babes.......

A conversation when the Noodle got home from school:

Noodle: "Ohhhh GREAT." (rolling eyes.)

Martha: "What?"

Noodle: "Where did those chairs come from?" (pointing at chairs with accusing-sounding voice.)

Martha: "Grandma brought them for me. The dining chairs are ours, but I left them at Grandma's. The other one used to be Aunt Jacquie's."

Noodle: "Now you're going to get all involved with that chair." (eye roll)

Martha: "What do you mean by involved?"

Noodle: "You're always getting involved with things......"

Martha: "Do you even know what involved means?"

Noodle: "Yes! It means falling in looo-ove." (hands on hips. She's getting a little sassy these days.)

See? I wasn't kidding when I mentioned a while back that the Noodle is starting to notice my used furniture issues!

Okay, so we have our umpteenth birthday party of the year. I'll show you my favorite gift to give these days:

Do you see that little bowl of dog food??? It doubles as doggie doo-doo. You feed the dog and then lift up the tail and....viola! The doggie does it's business.

Then the doggie can go and eat his own doo-doo. That's where things get really fun!

Okay, that was gross. Sorry. But Zuddy and I got such a laugh from this. On the original packaging the excrement was arranged in a pile ever so neat.

Can you imagine? Telling the stylist what their assignment is for the day? Then telling them to get out their tweezers and make the pile of doo look messy, like poo, but still neat and appealing so as not to gross out consumers????? Oh - and the poo doubles as food. So make the food look like food and not poo. Ha haaaaaa!!!!

Oh - all right. I'll stop it with the poo-talk.

I'm getting the itch to take down our ugly chain-link fence. But I can't. I'm doing the kitchen, remember?

When we got married and moved in, I still had a year left of college (expensive, private college, people. And I'm still paying for it, thank you very much.). Instead of having a wedding, we used our money to buy the house (Thanks for the dough, Mom!) and went to the Justice Of The Peace to get married (whole other can of worms with Zuddy's family. And I'm not opening that one here.). Zuddy didn't want to live in this neighborhood, but the house was in such great condition and the price was even under what we could afford. Way under. There were a bunch of things done to the house that we didn't love, but we didn't have the money to change them and they weren't all that bad - they just weren't what we'd pick out.

Well.....11 years later I want to change everything. NOW!!!

I hate our deck and now it's actually not in good condition anymore. I want to take it down and have a patio instead. And I really want a pergola. And a pretty black iron fence. And the basement finished off.

But I'm doing the kitchen, remember?? Please. Remind me about the kitchen, will you? The KITCHEN. And remind me how much the OUTSWING patio doors with screens are going to cost us. We should actually go look at those this weekend and get a real-life quote. I checked a website and it said about $3500.00. Does that sound right? Ouch.

So, thanks for listening to that little ramble.

This blogging stuff is really quite cathartic!

Have a great Saturday! We sure are going to! I can't wait to get outside!


Kellie said...

Hi Martha! Thanks for visiting my blog. I thought I'd hop over and check out yours... Now I've got lots to read here, so I'll be back.
Have a great day today outside. Can you believe they are predicting snow here in New England tomorrow? I am not pleased and neither is my garden...

Martha said...


Boo-Hiss on the snow. I hope you didn't get too much??

We had 4-6 inches the other day, but most of it didn't stick and then it melted a couple of days later. Thank God. Because, sister.....I'm ready for some spring!

Hope you had a great weekend and thanks for visiting!


HeatherJ said...

Ok, I'm laughing out loud!!! Mattel is selling Barbi dog doo. What will they stoop too next (or shall I say "poop to next" -- sorry I couldn't help it . . it rhymed). It was the vision of the stylist that really got me laughing though. Thanks Martha!

HeatherJ said...

Oh yeah, one more thing. You were brilliant for buying a house with the money. I spent it on a wedding that was over in one day and spent the next 10 years just trying to buy a house. Then, I wanted it decorated *NOW*.

Martha said...

But Heather! LOOK at your gorgeous house!!! I'd say it was worth the wait, sister!

Thanks for "getting me" on the doggie doo. I laugh every time I think of the photo shoot for the packaging!

So nice to have blogging friends!