Wednesday, May 2, 2007

It's A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood.....

I've gotta tell ya - when you feel rotten for more than a week (and I was really not a big deal in the grand scheme of things, but I still felt really awful) you really appreciate your good health when you have it again. I feel like a million bucks today. The Lilacs are about to bloom and the grass needs cutting :) I can't wait to fire up the lawn mower!

So - yesterday was so neighbor and pal, Gretchen, dropped off her 2 boys early in the morning (I'd make up a name for them, but I'm fresh out of silly names). This is always a great time at our house. When "W". (Gretchen's older son) was in Kindergarten (last year...he's the same age as Noodle. Her other son, "M" is a year younger and in Kinder now.), we watched him for the first time. This was really scary for him. Gretchen got some doughnuts for breakfast and we tried to make it a special treat. So now I get doughnuts for breakfast and we watch a DVD before heading to the bus stop. W and M are such good boys and the Noodle loves playing with them..... And when I need to work, Gretchen reciprocates for me. I never thought I'd have a great neighbor-friend like that, but now there are so many people like this that I've met since being a block club leader! Well, I just feel lucky. Anyway....Gretchen is a math teacher at a really cool school in town - It's at the Minnesota Zoo! It's a high school of Environmental Studies. Isn't that cool? She works 2 or 3 days a week. And her husband, Bob, is a Producer of films, videos and commercials (he was producing a commercial yesterday, which is why I got to have the boys over here). He's done videos for the Barenaked Ladies, Liz Phair and Hilary Duff! He also owns local store that sells all sorts of trains - from Brio to high-end model trains for "big boys". Anyway....every once in a while I'll talk about a neighbor and it's just fun to introduce them.

Later on in the day, My neighbor, Teresa's 3 grand kids came over to play with the Noodle. They all go to Noodle's school, and she just LOVES them. THEN.....Peg and Beauty sent the Noodle and me some flowers! Ohhhh.....the Noodle loves flowers, people! What an exciting day!

Here she is with her beloved floral arrangement! Thanks, Auntie Peg!

And here's a preliminary before and after. It's so much brighter in here, now!

yeah, I know there's a big hole in the wall, but as soon as the new countertops go in, we'll patch it and cover it with tile :)

Well, I'm going to go and make some Hummus right now and have a little lunch!



Amy said...

Yea! Your back to your blog!

We sprayed the walls with a mix of water and vinegar and then let soak in for several minutes to remove wallpaper. We also tried DIF but the water/vinegar solution worked better, and of course was far cheaper. I'll check with Tom to see if he remembers the proportions.

Kim said...

You know that you must have been really sick if being well makes you happy to mow the grass!!!

HeatherJ said...

Oh, your kitchen looks so beautiful! Any woman who cooks for a living deserves to have a beautiful kitchen, don't you think? The cupboards look so much better painted. I'm trying to get my mom to paint hers too.

It's great having such nice neighbors. It's too bad we don't live next door to each other. You could cook for me (because I am *lame* in the kitchen) and I could sew for you. :-)