Friday, August 24, 2007

Retail Therapy.......

Well, I'm feeling a little less crabby today (just a little).

The Noodle and I buzzed around town yesterday and did a little shopping. We (Of course. Seriously. Happens all of the time, I swear.) ran into somebody I knew at one of the stores. Gosh....for a metropolitan area, this sure is a small town!

I used to work with a woman named Mary at Dayton's department store while I was in college. I run into her all of the time....she lives pretty close to us, but I was nowhere near our house yesterday! Last year I promised that I would have a little get-together with her and a couple of others I used to work with, but I never did set it now I need to just do it.

Oh! Guess what else? I ran into my old roommate, Mary, at swimming lessons last week! She also worked at Dayton's and we keep in touch, but not enough. We used to live in a great apartment in a great neighborhood and we had all sorts of fun. be 20 again......... Well, Mary now has the cutest 2 year old named Ian. Sooooooo cute!

So, anyway, we were shopping and I got a really great mirror at Home Goods! I've been wanting this one from Pottery Barn:

It's $400. So I've been on the hunt for something more reasonably priced. The one I found is very similar, but I even like it better! It's not hung yet, so as soon as I hang it, I will snap a picture and post it. My low-cost version was $50! Yay!

What else?

Oh.....! My friend Gretchen's husband (Bob) is a film producer. He does commercials, music videos, movies, etc....... Well, he's shooting a commercial at our little neighborhood pool today! So the Noodle and all of our pals from the pool and the neighborhood get to be extras! Cool, huh?'s very cold here (60 degrees. Brrrr...) to be swimming outdoors, so the kids are all being paid $20 apiece for showing up.

Remember Gretchen? She just moved a month or so ago to the other side of St. Paul. It's just starting to hit me and I'm getting bummed. It was great to have a friend with kids the same age living so close. We would help each other out with childcare.....especially in the mornings or afternoons when we needed help for that 1/2 hour before or after the school bus came. Now she won't be here for that! We still go for a walk 1 or 2 times a week, but it's not really the same because we have to drive to meet somewhere. Before, we could call each other up and walk 1 block to meet for an impromptu exercise session.

My cousin, Angie, is getting married that should be fun! I'll try and take some pictures...if I can remember the camera.

Have a great day!


Mrs. Jones said...

What is the commercial for (are you allowed to say)? How neat that Noodle gets to be in it! She is a Q-T.

It's a bummer to lose a good neighbor to a move. I left the best neighbor a person could have, and I'm still sad. When my husband was out of town, she would send dinner over to me. I hope your mornings go smoothly without her.

Martha said...

Hey there, Mrs. Jones!

The commercial is for a group of local hospitals and clinics. And I don't think the noodle will be in it: she totally avoided being anywhere near a camera that was on.

Boy, you must miss that long ago did you move? And that's a big move, too! All the way across the country!