Saturday, October 27, 2007

More Things......

I'm totally in love with all of these wallpapers!!!

I taped them up on the wall and I could stand there gazing at them.
All. day. long.
No lie.
And you, my friends, are going to be sick to death of them because I'm going to post pictures of them all the time!



Woo HOOOOOOOOO!!!! WEEEEEEEEeeeeeeee! Yeeeeeee-OW! I lllllllluuuuuuuuurrrrrrrvvvvvve 'em! Wooo!


My poor Noodle stayed home from school yesterday and she's not feeling well again today. The weird thing is: it's bad in the morning, then she's fine a couple of hours later, then she gets to feeling bad a couple more times during the day. Barely a fever, but I can tell she's not feeling well by the way her eyes look. Poor kidd-o.

I made some yummy chili yesterday. From the Best Recipe cookbook.

Do you have this cookbook?

It's a good one. I make a couple of the Asian dishes from there, too. Their beef and broccoli is FAN-tastic. I make that, and then their Spicy Sichuan Noodles with Pork. We make some sticky sushi rice and then bake up some frozen egg rolls from the grocery store and Voila! Big treat. But MESSY. Especially when one doesn't have a working dishwasher.

Hey. Speaking of which: Jen, from The Cottage Nest, asked me if this:

Is a Kitchen Aid brand dishwasher.

It's not. It's a Kenmore Elite. But maybe I should re-think? Jen says she wants a Bosch. Bosch is the way to go...and I've heard that from other people, too. I haven't checked out Consumer Reports yet.

What do you all know about dishwashers out there? C'mon. Share your dishwasher drama with me, friends!

Oh - more stuff. I got the Back To Basics toy catalog the other day. Love their stuff. Know what I want for Christmas?


And This!!!
I totally remember these! I don't know if *I* had them, but I remember playing with them. I think Mrs. Schuno across the street may have had the TV. Wouldn't Franklin love to play with these? Maybe I should get these "for him". But, you know, keep them here at Elizabeth Hill so I can play with them. Errrrr, I mean, take care of them.

Oh! And GnipGnop!!! Remember that?

I tried calling my brother about this:

I think they had this! Evel and Kaptain Robbie!!! He never called me back (loser), I have memories of this toy for some reason.

Have a great day, everyone!


Cutzi said...

I still love my pick - especially now that they're up on the wall. But now it's #6... from the top.

And great - now I have to go order another catalog.

Cutzi said...

And a cookbook! Have you ever seen those ladies on Oprah who horde things? That's how I am with cookbooks...

Beth said...

Still loving the blue wallpaper.

All of Sears' Kenmore appliances are made by other companies. Check with your salesperson to see who makes this dishwasher. Sometimes you can tell by looking at brand name appliances at another store and then looking for the same type of features in Kenmore. I know they use Bosch for some of their dishwashers.

I have a bottom of the line Bosch from Lowes and LOVE it. I think a Kenmore version of it would be equally good and maybe even better. Sometimes the Kenmores have more features for the price than the same machine with the manufacturer's name on it.

Kim said...

Oh my gosh, I remember those toys!! Especially the clock...

restyled home said...

My vote is for the blue or the beige on the bottom. They are all great, really...


Mrs. Jones said...

Oh, I love those toys. You need that Evil Knievel to go with Zuddy's wallpaper, girl!

By the way, do you still feel the same about your wallpaper choice?

So is this cookbook something a cooking lamo like me could use?

Mrs. Jones said...

Oh, and uh, when are you getting your new dishwasher that you deserve so much?

Michelle said...

I think you left out the motorcycle wallpaper, didn't you? I simply cannot make a decision without all the choices.