Wednesday, November 21, 2007

I'm Thankful.

So many things to be thankful for.....I want everyone reading this to think of at least one thing, right.......NOW!

Right now I'm thankful for my friends and family and my good HEALTH, right, Lisa? Woo Hoo!!!! Good Health!!!

So Amy asked me for some Holiday Cooking tips and ideas. Wow. THAT'S a loaded question, my friend :)

So anyone needing help in that area can ask me. Just click on the comments with your question.

There's a nice little (huge) store (red and white) with a little promotional area behind their carts.
There are some recipes there. You might like them. I might have developed some of them.

There's a scalloped corn recipe there that's strikingly similar to one we always have on Turkey Day. How did it get THERE?

Little background on that one: My Mom? Likes to assign her children to bring things like....rolls.....or wine....or a "nice salad" to traditional family meals. The Aunts get to bring all the dishes central to the Holiday Tradition. Like....oh....... like, scalloped corn. We actually call it "corn pudding".
One CRAZY year I was given the corn pudding to make AND the rolls and butter. I don't know why. My mom must have been OUT OF HER HEAD. She gave me a recipe cut out of a newspaper from 1958 and asked me to make it.
Oh, I made it all right. But I added green onions and sour cream with onions and chives. Someone was a little surprised when they saw those green specks. She said, "What's IN here?" And how could her kid screw up the flippin' butter??? It's a no brainer. You go to the store and buy butter for gawd's sake!! I added chopped herbs. Basil, parsley and chives. Blasphemy!!!!!!
Well, the family liked the changes. It was a special, special day. Aunt Jacquie loved the herb butter. My mom declared it, "grassy".

Anyway. Tomorrow we are going to the Garage Gourmet's house for Thanksgiving. I love the Garage Gourmet. He makes a FAB-U Turkey, my friends. It's briney-licious and he stuffs the cavity with apples, veggies...all sorts of things. I only got a quick look once as he was carving.
Then he YELLED at me to get out of his kitchen.
See, our family? We're yellers. I'm trying to break the cycle here at Elizabeth Hill, because Zuddy's family is passive aggressive (also so much fun). But The GG? He looks like a mild-mannered-good-natured executive. Always a smile on his handsome face. People love him because he makes anyone feel at ease.
But the dude is a YELLER. It's a recessive gene from my Dad's side.
I'm lying here. It's a dominant gene. Only unearthing itself at large family events.
But I can take the yelling. Because his turkey? ROCKS.

Okay...enough of that. I have a date with Schmackie tonight. Schmackie and Louie spent the night here last night. Tonight, we'll send Noodle and Louie over to the GG's house. And then Schmackie and I will go to Grand Slam and play video games, hit some baseballs, and play some mini-golf. I can't wait!!! Last year we walked to the Science Museum. We had a ball. So this is our second year Schmackie-Martha Extravaganza.

So, if you have any cooking questions, just ask. I'd be happy to help you if I can. Which brings me to tomorrow's topic: MJ and The Cooking Challenge on the Martha Stewart Sirius Radio Show.


k... said...

I have dinner for 9 tomorrow at my house. I have to clean, cook, oh, and shop and what am I doing? Reading your blog. HELP ME I CAN'T STOP.
Hey call me when you get a chance. Little news about work.

Amy said...

I thought it might have been you who talked about brining the turkey. I would love to try that. I will have to save that for later since I am only fixing one thing for Thanksgiving...a very yummy corn casserole. It has a crust made out of Ritz crackers...I know, I thought that was a bit weird when I had it last year but man is it ever good!

sis in law said...
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Kim said...

Darn, I wish that I had a super target nearby so that I could check out your recipes....mine is just a regular 'ole Target.

Mrs. Jones said...

Here's my question for you: I've been trying for YEARS to make mashed potatoes that AREN'T lumpy. I use Yukons, chop them up and boil them, put 'em through a ricer, and add milk and butter. Any advice?

I'm from a family of passive aggressives, but I'm a little of both. I scream a lot but can hold a long, quiet grudge. My kids are really going be screwed up after having me for a mother.

Aaaaand, have a wonderful Thanksgiving. I'm thankful for my very first blogger buddy.

Penny said...

Hope you had a wonderful day with the GG & your family! :)

We went to my dad & step-mom's she made WAY too much awesome food as usual. Who make three kinds of potatoes? LOL! Four with the sweet potatoes! It was delicious and the company wasn't bad!

Lisa@Take90West said...

I wish I'd checked here before Thursday. It kinda sucked to find out 20 minutes before serving the food to 24 people that I am, in fact, gravy challenged.
Brined turkey? Great
PW's mashed potatoes? Great
Gravy? Too thin and liquid-y

How long am I supposed to cook it so it will thicken up?

Lisa@Take90West said...

PS Here's to good health! Truer words never spoken, my friend.

Thanks for all of your good thoughts and kind have been a great bloggy friend to me during this horrible time. And you make me laugh, which is the best medicine!