Monday, November 19, 2007


We had quite the weekend over here, people!

First of all, I had a night (Friday) with the Girls. It was fun and Sal and I got into an argument about the Jello twins. Have you heard of them? Orangejello and Lemonjello?

Sal read about them in the book Freakonomics. I told her it was an Urban Myth (or legend....whatever) because Zuddy and I got tricked with that one once. And she said it was true because she read it in a book. Which made me laugh harder. Because, you know, everything you read in a book is totally factual. And then it made Sal more irritated. Sorry Sally Gally. I didn't mean to contradict.

That's when I decided It was in order to post those 7 things to poke a little fun at myself. So I hope Sal reads it. And, of course, when the girls get together, we always talk about religion. Which made me think of my irrational fear of Churches, because that night I vowed to Amy that Noodle and I are going this Sunday (as in the one coming up. Which, if you know me, you'll know this is my little way of putting it off.)

Have you ever seen that commercial where this guy is delegating portions of a project to his office team? And he tells one guy that he's in charge of talking a big game and then not following through? To which the guy replies, "Let's do it!" Yeah. That's me, internets.

Anyway, then we had a wedding on Saturday. My cousin Katie's. Which we skipped. It was one of those wedding a 2pm and the reception is at 5pm thingies. We just went to the reception. And who should be there, but little Franklin!

Here he is with his Daddy, Richard. Richard is soooooo funny that I think I wet my pants thrice while he was being his funny self. Not only that, but my throat hurt from screaming with laughter.

And here is the beautiful and waaaayyyy too intelligent Claire, Franklin's Mommy and my cousin. Claire uses a lot of words I nod at while we're in a conversation and then when I'm alone?

I look them up in the dictionary.

Claire also caught me trying to feed Franklin some wedding cake. She looked at me with an evil eye and said, "Are you feeding him refined sugar?"
No. Because Franklin could tell by the looks of that wedding cake that it had high fructose corn syrup in it. And he wasn't having any of that. He told me he likes a niiice French buttercream. Yeppers.

Then Sunday? I ripped off a little wallpaper and we had to go to a birthday party at Zuddy's sister's house.

Which I tried to get out of. But Zuddy wouldn't let me.

So I planted myself near my Brother in law Dan and his brother Jim and Jim's wife Angie. Because I heart them. You know what Jim did on Saturday? He went to Iowa (I think) and ran a 7 mile race in the woods!!!! Up big slippery hills and through cold wet little creeks.....Kind of reminds me of Penny!

You know what? I want to do that!! I told Zuddy we should do that together. And he didn't say no! He tried one of his old suits on before the wedding reception on Saturday and he looked like Baby Huey in it. And I look like baby Huey in everything. Here's a picture of us at the wedding.

So you never know. Maybe next year we'll run that race. Let's do it! Ha ha. That's me talkin' my big game!!

So that's it!!! That was our weekend! It was fun. I hope you all had a great weekend!!!


Amy said...

OK...a few comments...

Wow, did you ever add to your blog list! Now I have no excuse to eat away from my desk at lunchtime. Thanks alot.

So, I do know that Martha talks a big game, we'll see if she follows through on Sunday. FYI...I didn't even ask her to come this Sunday, I actually invited her to a Christmas event on a Saturday only because I am in charge of the whole huge event and need a little support from my friends! So Martha, you better make good on that one (and surprise me on Sunday)!

I have the book Freakanomics at home but haven't read it yet...what's this whole jello thing??

And the family pics!

kari said...

Awwww! Great family pics!

Martha said...

Hi ladies!!

Amy, I'm sitting here laughing at my "talking a big game" and how this is NOT news to you :) And, seriously...I will be at your event. Let's DO it! Ha haaaaaa! No really! I will be there :)
Oh - the Jello twins. Just look it up in your book and then know that it's a big fat lie.

And, yes! Check out those "new" blogs!


Kim said...

Hey, love those pics! You guys look great! And, your kiddo got her hair cut! Very cute.

Mrs. Jones said...

Look at you! You are so beautiful!! And what a gorgeous family you have! I'm so glad you posted your family picture.

I will have to stop by later to comment on the rest ... the bus stop is in 20 minutes, and oops, I checked your blog *instead* of getting the kidlets up.

Mrs. Jones said...

Oh, you don't look like Baby Huey!

I would love, love, love to run a race. I think that will be my goal for next year, too. We'll see. My neighbor's husband runs those super-marathons that are like 30 miles. He runs 20 miles just to train! Never doin' that.

I second Amy ... what on earth is the jello thing? I'll look it up.

Franklin has great taste in frosting. Love the sweater vest too.

Lisa@Take90West said...

I need clarification on the jello thing too!

Baby Huey wishes his mama looked as good as you!
Loved those family pics.

The Tattered Nest said...

what sweet picture of you and your daughter! she is a mini you!

restyled home said...

You make an awfully cute family...and you all look so happy!