Saturday, January 19, 2008

Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! (And YOU!)

'Cause it's all about me, people, and don't you dare forget it.

I've been getting a couple of these babies lately - one from MJ through email and this one from my buddy, Gail, from The Tattered Nest. This is the one from Gail:

I am to answer these four questions about myself...
1. 4 jobs I have had...
Just four?? Dude. I've had soooooo many jobs! I'll pick out the ones I liked the least:
  • "Marketing Assistant" for American Oats, Inc. They make a product called "Oatscream". It was a dairy-free ice cream. I got this little job right out of college (or was I still in college?). I hated it. I left one day and just never came back.
  • "Dietician's Intern" for Shriner's Hospital. Did you see those quotation marks? They mean something. Because while that was my job title? I was actually a dishwasher. Oh yes I was. Four of us from my dietetics program at my college were referred by one of our professors for this job. I was the last idiot standing. The other girls wised up immediately and quit.
  • Nanny for an abusive family in New Jersey. I lasted a month. And when I quit? They kicked me out, friends. Kicked me to the curb. I had to find a place to live until I could get a cheap flight home, which was 1 week after they kicked me out.
  • Cashier at a little grocery store near my childhood home. I hated that place. You know what I hated the most? One of the bagger-dudes hated me for some unknown reason. I have no idea why and he was really mean. He would glare at me and tell me I was a snob. Plus? He was a friend of my brother's! I've almost completely blocked it out. I almost forgot I ever worked there and I can't even remember how long I lasted. Probably a couple of weeks.
2. 4 movies I would watch over and over again...Since the invention of Netflix, I don't normally watch movies over and over, but there ARE a few exceptions and some of them aren't movies......
  • Sex And The City. I actually bought all of the DVDs. And I never buy DVDs. Never.
  • Sleepless in Seattle.
  • The Bourne Movies.
  • Under The Tuscan Sun
3. 4 places I have lived....I'm totally stealing this from Gail......I feel soooo well-rounded admitting this:
  • Minnesota
  • Mn
  • Minnysota
  • Minnesnowta
4. 4 people who email daily.....
  • Boy. I don't think I have daily emails from anyone.

5. 4 favorite things to eat.........
  • Ice cream
  • Hummus
  • Salads
  • Any creamy dessert - homemade pudding, cheesecake.

6. 4 places I would rather be....
  • At a home improvement store
  • With my pals
  • Hanging with Zuddy and Noodle
  • Watching HGTV at my Mom's
7. 4 things I look forward to this year....
  • Maybe finishing that freakin' kitchen??
  • Camping with Zuddy and Noodle
  • Reading people's blogs.
  • I'd like to go to Seattle to visit Kris and Michelle.
8. 4 people I will tag... Only four?? I'm going to pick more than four. And the ones who don't have blogs? I want you to email me your answers and I will post them on my blog!

Let's play, girls!


Janet said...

I love reading about bloggers'4 jobs. Yours sound particularly unappealing!! Sitting on a curb for a week , wow sure hope it was summer at least!!

Sister Honey Bunch said...

Yea! I can't wait to do this.

Lisa said...

Friends dont make friends post boring "highly confidential" information about themselves!
Dontchakno???? .. Are these closet favorite movies or "my blog favorites"?..., lord, I'll bear my soul, leaving me naked and exposed. Im so frightened. Dont judge me man..........
But first I have to make breakfast for bobvilla and the crew...

coastal nest

Sister Sassy said...

Fun! I was a cobbler for a week or two. I'll play for sure :)

Sarah said...

Wow. Those jobs totally BLEW! Builds character dontchaknow? (Thats what my dad would have said) I'll play! I have to get my three wee ones fed and a nappin' (hopefully) first!

PLO said...

OOOOO, thanks for thinking of I must pick my own brain. Minnesotan chics are so cool (even former ones). Ha!

Michelle said...

I can't WAIT for you to come visit us! I'll start looking into boutique hotels for you!

Give me a few days to email you the 4 answers. I'm in the middle of the hellish part of my work schedule--5 days on, one day off, then 4 days on again, so I'm not getting much done at home.

Lisa said...

the deed is done, I am exposing myself to you right now! he he he-
come get all the lewd details and see for yourself..
its so boringzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
coastal nest

MJ said...

I just sat down to do some work. Ha! This is way more fun. I'm in.


Thirkellgirl said...

Have you READ Under the Tuscan Sun, too? The book is SO much better than the movie, imo. Love, love, love it. It's so much more fun to fantasize about redoing a house in Tuscany than one in the MidAtlantic.

Thanks for tagging me! I'm no longer a tag virgin!

restyled home said...

Loved your jobs! One of my worst? Working in a coffee shop...where they made me dress up like a giant muffin and parade up and down the busiest street in our city yelling, "The muffin cafe...see what's 362 Rothesay Aven-yoooooooo!! Gives whole new meaning to muffin top, doesn't it??


Lisa @ Take90West said...

Thanks for the tag.

Your jobs totally sucked! (And of course I mean that in the nicest possible way!)

Mrs. Jones said...

Wow, I can't believe someone would kick you out. Some people are soooo mean.

Anonymous said...

JANUARY 28th 2008

WHERE ARE YOU???????????