Monday, February 11, 2008

Forgive Me Bloggers........

.....for I have sinned. It's been 5 days since my last post.

Dudes. I'm just not feelin' it! I'm not! I'm so boring that I bore myself!

The only thing I've got for y'all is that the name of my last post? The Girls? Well.....every time some one commented on that post I'd get an email saying, "Elizabeth Hill Cottage comment on The Girls".
I'd get a chuckle every time because it sounds like you're commenting on my other girls.
You know what I'm sayin'? (Wink, wink. Nudge, nudge)


I've been looking at doll house stuff a lot. Wanna see some of the wallpapers I've found?

This is one of my faves.

Okay. Now for the furniture. Dudes. There are so many artists out there that do really special stuff.....I wish I could remember where all of these came from, but I can't.

However, I did jot down the artist's names. These kitchens are done by Elizabeth LePla. She does a modern loft-style kitchen, which I didn't save, but I did save this one:

Cool, huh? She also does a classic European kitchen:

Okay, now here's where the artist's names I jotted down starts to get a little foggy, but I think these pieces are from Barbara Vajnar. She does shaker-style stuff:

I want this sink for my dollhouse kitchen.

I think this one is from Debbie Mize. She does very exacting, detailed pieces. This is a storage shelf for a garage:

Isn't that just too cool?

Here's some more stuff:

I'm getting this wing chair. Cool, huh?

And look at this replica of a Pottery Barn-style wicker chair! I want this one, too.

Look at this sweet vintage-style kitchen work table with the tin top!

I think this is an artisan bed....maybe by Kim Saulter. Shabby Chic.

A bathroom sink.

look at this cool chest of drawers!!! I can't remember the artist who did this, but I do remember they did a lot of 'haunted' dollhouse decor!

So that's what Noodle and I did yesterday: looked at dollhouse stuff.

Sarah? I swear, I will have a house tour for you tomorrow, okay?


Mrs. Jones said...

Get out! I had no idea they had such cool stuff for dollhouses. I've always wanted one, and I just inherited my daughter's because she is too old for it but deep down didn't really want to get rid of it.

And that was the first thing I thought of when I read in your e-mail that you took the "girls for a walk" the other day. I always take mine with me. :-0

Sister Honey Bunch said...

I love that shaker doll house furniture. Who knew??

Now go say three Hail Mary's and give yourself a break. But don't be taking any 5 day breaks anymore 'cuz the rest of us start to get all restless.

Thirkellgirl said...

You crack me up.
I'd love to have a dollhouse to decorate with all that cool stuff, but I'd still have my style-schizophrenia, just on a smaller scale. (Get it?) I'd want a Shabby Chic kids' room and a Victorian bathroom and a modern living room and a vintage porch, and it wouldn't really help me process my decorating ambivalence at all, would it?

Kellie said...

Love that dollhouse stuff! It must cost a gazillion dollars since it has so much artistic detail. I buy a lot of my stuff from, but that stuff is adorable!

Kellie said...

Love that dollhouse stuff! It must cost a gazillion dollars since it has so much artistic detail. I buy a lot of my stuff from, but that stuff is adorable!

gordostyle said...

Oh my gosh...I need a girl! I love this stuff! And, I was at Hobby Lobby (shhh, don't tell anyone I went there - it's one of my New Year's resolutions that was sure to be broken! HA!) and I was in their little pieces of wood section and noticed an absolutely adorable white bookshelf (doll house size) that looked like a replica of Ballard Designs! Anywho...I don't promote Hobby Lobby but you really should check it out! :o)


Cutzi said...

You are forgiven my child. And for your penance - go find us 5 house tours and 3 Fanilow concert stories.

gordostyle said...

Ya know, you could probably use scrap booking paper for wall paper - they have some really great stuff out there these days!

Ok, I'll quit posting now...
Have a good one!

Michelle said...

That garage shelf made me laugh--you can buy clutter for your dollhouse! For kitchens, I would go with the first one. I love the European kitchen, but unless I'm mistaken, I believe that's a washing machine on the left and a mini-fridge on the right (which would be very European). Definitely not the dollhouse kitchen for you, Martha--no dishwasher!

Don't forget about Sarah tagging you for your favorite recipes! Recipes and a house tour would make my week MUCH more exciting than it had been shaping up to be.

And thirkellgirl, I think a dollhouse could HELP your style-schizophrenia--it's play therapy! And since it would be for medical purposes, all dollhouse-related purchases would be a tax deduction, right? What IRS agent would argue with that?

jilly said...

OH my! I cannot believe they make that stuff for DOLL HOUSES! I want that wing chair for my REAL house!

Would love to see a house tour!

Penny said...

When I saw you were looking at doll house furniture, I was going to tell you to check out Take A Seat. Well, I don't have too -- I see you have the wicker chair & ottoman pictured. I have that set a few others. That line has been discontinued, but you can still find pieces on eBay and at a few retailers.

Janet said...

Wow and I can only imagine how pricey some of that stuff is. Sorry, I am just frugal sometimes!


Cute Shaker doll house real looking! On the question you left on my blog about my climber roses??? It is a wild rose my friend gave me, she dug it out of her woods...they grow everywhere! welcome back!

Sarah said...

There you are!!!!!!!!!!

Follow Cutzi's directions and all will be well wih the world once again.

That is some crazy dollhouse stuff. I am so anal retentive with Molly's dollhouse. I go in there an rearrange EVERYTHING if it is not in order. And she has DORA stuff in her dollhouse. Psycho me!

Can you imagine if she had that stuff. They would have to lock me up.

Looking forward to the house tour!

PLO said...

I think everyone just has the winter blahs!!! I have been dying to work on my girls doll house, you have inspired me!!!

Lisa said...

what is this teeny furniture you all are so excited about? I dont get it. I like furniture that I can sit on.