Sunday, February 24, 2008

Lovin' Cutzi!

I just made Cutzi's refried beans.

I will now make anything she posts on her blog. I'm shooting for the Chinese Noodles next.

And Zuddy? While he's always been in full support of my blogging addiction (read: enabler) and completely understands why my Internets are every bit important as my real-life friends?

He's now CRAZY for the Cutzi!!!!!!

There's nothing he loves more than refried beans and now we can have an endless supply for $5 and NO EFFORT. And I know exactly what's in them, BECAUSE I MADE THEM!!!!!

I over-salted them, though, so that's a bummer. Be careful when you salt them - it takes a while for the salt to "show up" in the flavoring - the saltiness gets more pronounced as they sit. Try one tablespoon (I used Kosher salt, so you might want to halve that amount if you're using regular table salt). But they are still deeeeeelicious.

Thanks, Cutzi!


Janet said...

Not a fan of beans, refried or otherwise, but Chinese Noodles sound great. Where is the recipe...please??

Cutzi said...

Yay!!!!! You're welcome Zuddy!!

And you're right about the salt. Just goes to show you're a pro - 'cause I never woulda thought of actually measuring it out. HA! ;-)

Cutzi said...

Also - I love when my name is in the actual title of your post. I think that's twice now. I'm famous. I'd like to thank all the little people. And my mom.

Lady P said...

Hmmm... I may just mosey on over and have a look. I really don't like beans with the exception of refried beans - don't ask me why though! The sight of Lima beans is enough to make me want to cry, for instance.

Sarah said...

Ohhhh I love refried beans! I will have to check it out... the only thing I am not a fan over is the after-effects (if you know what I mean!)

restyled home said...

Umm...I live in a house with three the experienced sister of four brothers, beans don't make it as the main course too often.

Thanks, though, to you and Cutzi (do you pronounce that Cutesy or not??). I'll try not to take it personally that she has been a headliner here before! She is funny and talented, but...

I am looking forward to the noodle recipe! I like anything to do with Chinese food!!