Friday, March 7, 2008

Here's what I'm gonna do.....

1. Use some of this.

2. When I shower? Some of this. My Mom just gave me some. I love the citrusy-fresh air scent.

3. Then I'm going to use this.

4. And for SURE some of this.

5. So I don't look so much like this.

6. Then after I develop a few recipes? I'm going to hang out with her.

Any questions?


The Garage Gourmet said...

Sounds like a big day!!!

If ordering from a Chinese menu...go ahead and get #6.

Janet said...

She is sooo cute; I love the big pink bow:)

Queen B said...

Sounds like a perfect day to me!

gordostyle said...

Man, she's a cutie! Have fun!!!

Amy said...

OK...I need to know more about this Bare Minerals make-up. How does it work? I have uneven skin tone and can't imagine not using a liquid foundation to even things out. Are you sold on the Bare Minerals brand or have you tried other brands? Readers, do any of you use this make-up?

Brooke said...

Great way to end the week! And what a cutie to hang out with!!!
Have fun!

Bristol said...

Sounds like a good day. Tell me if you love that bare makeup, I have been wanting to try. Have a great weekend. Your daughter is cute as a button.

Michelle said...

What an adorable Noodle-y picture! Will you tell her that her cousin says "hi"?

I LOVE Bare Minerals. I tried a mineral-based foundation recommended by an independent cosmetologist, but it was nowhere near as good as Bare Minerals. I have combination skin, and it keeps the shine down and doesn't make the dry spots look crusty. I also love their Prime Time. I bought it to keep my make-up intact for my wedding, and I use it for special occasions or when my skin is really dry.

Lisa said...

The sweet little noodle is adorable, just like her mama.

I would love you to give me a one minute manicure. I, unfortunately have the hands of a remodler (remodeler)-help) and are not worthy of any products, until we are done.

Can you believe that bitch at the carwash? sorry, had to cuss, I spit, too- you just couldnt see me.


Oh Noodle...what a sweet face! love the pink bow! How is the new job going?