Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Finally! A new tour!

I love this little sweetie. It's close to the stinky-hair grocery store - within walking distance.

But here's the bad, bad thing: It has the ugliest, UGLIEST addition on the back of the house. The facade on the addition looks like a sandcastle - you know what I'm saying? With the square cutouts? Weird. I wonder what the reason for that is? Because the inside of the addition seems just fine - it looks original to the house.

Anyway....here it is: Built in 1909, 2000 square feet. 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms. $485,000.

Might as well start with the range.....er.....I mean, kitchen! Looks like they painted some 1950's cabinets and installed a bitchin' range, huh? And some can lights.

The kitchen is 16x11

The living room. Sweet. I like the white woodwork and the windows, of course. 16x12.

Looking into the dining room on the right and the library to the left.

The library. 16x12.

The family room. I do believe this room is part of the ugly addition.....see what I mean about the inside, though? It looks original. 15x12.

Here is the front porch which is now "the drawing room".

The main bath. Could it be any whiter? Dudes. It's Minne-freakin'-sota! Slap some color on those walls and warm it up in there!!! Goaaah!

The Master bedroom. 14x12.


Thirkellgirl said...

This one isn't too bad! I like the white-painted woodwork. Isn't that some sort of crime out there? Agree with you about the bathroom, but at least it looks clean. What a waste of a sunny front porch, huh?

Sister Honey Bunch said...

I like it, but I don't love it. It's too...white or something. I don't know. Really cool touches though.

Sarah said...

I really like this one! I love the thick, white woodwork. I think the kitchen looks a little "boxy" not sure I am sold on that, but the appliances are top notch. And wow, that bathroom IS really white!

Amy said...

Yea! House tour! I really like this one too. I love the photo where you can see the stairs, it show off all of the woodwork. OK...that bathroom looks like the inside of an igloo...I do NOT need to be reminded of the cold, I get that just looking out my window 6 months of the year! The kitchen could use a pop of color on the walls too. I agree with thirkellgirl, the drawing room is wasted space. I wonder if this was once a screened porch that was then enclosed. That is common in this area, make the porch part of the house since you only use it half the year. Sometimes enclosing the porch adds usable interior space, other times I think it is better to just leave as a screen porch.

jilly said...

I love the staircase too. I think it is interesting that they even added an older radiator to the addition. Weird. I love the kitchen. Would love to cook in there. I am not sure about the table in there though.

Cool house though for the most part.

Wasted space for the front porch though.

Barb said...

Oh the darling thing! I love it. So warm and inviting. I'd have kept the porch a porch, though, since I have porch envy or lust or whatever you want to call it.

gordostyle said...

Oh my gosh... I'm seriously in LOVE with those windows! They are the prettiest I've ever seen!


Michelle said...

It's cute, but I think some COLOR would make it stunning.

That addition looks more "original" (on the inside) than the rest of the house. I like the look of white-painted woodwork in newer houses, but in older homes, it makes me kind of sad. I would move in and start stripping all the woodwork, and then halfway through I would want to have myself committed.

Lisa said...

Now thats a house I could live in!
I just adore white painted woodwork.

Everything you wanted to know, but couldnt bear to ask- is posted.

its so boring...zzzzz
coastal nest

Beth said...

Hmmm...I'm really torn about this one. I like the floor plan and I really like the outside of the house, at least the old part in the picture.

But something about the inside is just wrong, and I can't figure out what it is. Did someone buy this to flip and then stage it out the wazoo when they put it on the market?

I think it would look better completely either completely emptied of furniture or else realistically lived-in. Right now something just isn't right...


I like how clean and simple this house feels...love the archway and the stairs!where do you find these pictures?

Cookie Sunshine said...

Now I am so curious. I want to see the ugly side.

Your blog is very fresh. I like it.

Cookie Sunshine

Janet said...

Love the color of the living room, perfect for Minnesota, doncha think? The kitchen and bath need warming up for sure, but I could live there without a problem ( especially with that range!!).


Bristol said...

I love the house, nice touches, but it seems a little cold, needs some color~

PLO said...

My faves are the library and drawing room...love how they put an architects table in the drawing room...ha! It is definately TOO WHITE!

Lisa @ Take90West said...

Gorgeous! I actually really like all the white!

Mrs. Jones said...

That staircase looks awesome!