Friday, March 21, 2008

I've Got A Screw Loose and 7 More Things.....

Yeah, yeah.

I know.

You already knew about the loose screw. I did too. But this totally confirms it.

You see, I was shopping for a reusable shipping container for my job when I came across THIS:

Why, oh why does this make my heart go pitter-pat????? Why?

I don't know. But I'll tell you this: Here's a little something else I'm a little kooky about:

Do you see what my sister got me? Do you? Click on the photo and look on the lower shelf, right in the middle. Go ahead.....I'll wait.
They're those little prep bowls fom Pampered Chef!!!! She read the ol' blog and saw that I liked them and bought them for me!!!! Can you believe that? Just to be sweet! Thankyouthankyouthankyou....I use them everyday.


Just throwin' it out there.......

Okay, what else.....loose screw.....prep bowls....shipping's FREAKING SNOWING RIGHT NOW!

Seriously, I can't take the snow. Any. more.

I might have to go on a crime spree to quell my anger right now.

And the Noodle is off from school today, which means I will have to take her with me. And then what?

She'll be introduced to a life of crime, that's what.

Her whole life will be ruined.

She'll spend the rest of her life in the clink......join a prison gang....traffic drugs and cigarettes to fellow inmates. Or some other contraband - like Aveda products! Or L'Occitane Verbena shower gel!! Or Mrs. Meyers cleaning products!

Then she'd be released for good behavior - because of all that calming aroma therapy. She will have cured crime in her cell block! Rehabbed formerly vicious criminals! She will be on the cover of Time magazine as a genius in criminal behavior and and expert in the rehabilitation of career criminals formerly thought to be beyond reform.

Errrr.....anyway. I think I will skip the crime spree for today. Maybe we'll go to IKEA instead.


So, I need to update my favorite blogs. I've started, but the list! It keeps growing!

Here's another new one: Amongst The Oaks

Oh. My. You've got to go to her the 'labels' section of her blog and click on 'remodeling'. Wait until you see what she's done with her house. Especially the outside. And the inside. And the yard. And the kitchen. Oh my.

Anyway. Check it out.

She also tagged me for 7 more things about moi. Me. Myself. AND I. Me, me, ME!

And you know what? I'm going to tag 7 people, too. Yep. I'm not going to tell you all to reveal 7 facts about yourselves if you feel like it.

You're going to do it.

Or else.

Here are 7 more things about moi.

  • I'm wearing a wool striped sweater over my jammies right now. There are 4 or 5 warm, wintery sweater or polar fleece items I wear all of the time when I'm home. They're the only things you will ever see me in. Well, I pair them with sweatpants of some sort. Don't you judge me!
  • I had a total temper tantrum when I came back from my Boston trip. There was crying, swearing and teeth gnashing. Zuddy didn't bother to sweep, Swiffer or vacuum when I was gone. I don't think he will make that mistake again.
  • As a matter of fact, Noodle told me that because of my crying? She was made to do the dishes and scoop the litter box. She seemed a little put-out and irritated at me.
  • Zuddy and I were looking at Google maps a couple of weeks ago? And they have real-life photos of our house. With me in front of it. In my ratty orange shorts. Weeding the front garden beds.
  • I've been a very good walker lately. But it turns out that breaking my string of red X's doesn't really bother me all that much. Because I'm a rebel like that. However, I'm really making an effort and going for a walk when I'd really rather not sometimes. And if I've got a long walk between gates at the airport? I'll count it as my walk and not use the moving sidewalks. My clothes are fitting a little better.
  • Yesterday morning I caught Zuddy talking lovingly to the dried pinto beans sitting on the counter. So I made Cutzi's refried beans again. And now Zuddy is making some methane music...if you know what I'm sayin'. And I think you do.
  • I watched that new Ashton Kutcher show last night. Is it Miss Understood?'s called Miss/Guided. It was kind of like Scrubs, but set in a High School. I thought it was hilarious.

That's it! 7 things!

Now here's who I'm tagging: Mrs. Bob Vila from Coastal Nest, Mrs. Fortner, Paula from ForCryEye, My pal Amy (get a blog, Amy) who will need to email me 7 things so I can put them on my blog, and my niece Michelle (get a blog, Michelle) who will need to email me her 7 things as well.


Sister Honey Bunch said...

You make me laugh. Every time I come here.

jilly said...

That map thing on google is cool isn't it? Have you checked out yet? At my boyfriends house all you can see is my big ol' truck in his driveway.

Hope you had a good trip this week!

Amy said...

Martha, now how could I have my own blog...I couldn't be half as funny as you! However, if I did have a blog I would have a photo up of the second day of spring here in MN! We probably have 5 inches of new snow on the ground and it's still coming down! I am so tired of WINTER!

Sarah said...

Woo-Hoo you are BACK! I just got my high speed service... I am so friggin excited!! Thanks for the tag... oh...and... I am so glad you are going to Ikea instead of draggin Noddle towards a life in the clink. Phew.


PLO said...

I love ya sweet cheeks, even if you are wearing some god awful polar argyle thing over your jammies with your hair in rollers, and a mud mask on. You don't know how much I needed the little boost, um direct order from you to blog the 7 things about I am off to do so.