Monday, July 28, 2008


I can't believe it's been over a month since I've blogged.

Not only haven't I blogged? But I haven't been reading many blogs, either.


What have I been doing?? I have no idea. Really, I don't. The house is a mess, the garden is full of weeds and I'm a mess too!

Well, this past weekend I painted my Mom's bookcases.....but I'm a little stuck now. I'll take some pictures today and post them on Wednesday of my dilemma. First of all, I painted them black. They look great. I'm planning on painting the interior a smokey-bluey-greeny color, but I'm not sure if I need to paint the outside edge of the shelves that same color or paint them black like the rest of the cases. Do you know what I'm saying? I can't even find a photo to illustrate. So on Wednesday I'll be posting one so you can all show your design prowess and give me some answers.

Got it?


Love ya.


Mary Jane said...

I vote for the edges black. I'm looking at an antique cabinet of mine. It is walnut. The interior carcass is pine. The shelves are pine with a breadboard edge of walnut that matches the exterior. I'm sure it will be cute however you do it. How's that for hedging my bets?

Michelle said...

I think black edges will have a nice effect by framing in the grey/blue/green interior. Can't wait to see pictures!

Sister Honey Bunch said...


Cutzi said...

Dude. I'm too tired to have an opinion right now.

But I'm so glad you posted. You've missed some good stuff... on my blog especially. Ask Michelle. hee hee ;-)

Amy said...

Hey, it's about time you wrote something! I think I would go with the black edges.

Sarah said...

Dude you were missed. I am too tired to give advice. Too much ebaying has warped my brain. Glad you are back- now stay here!

Lisa said...

sorry for the fit last week, I know..I just missed ya. I did tell my mom on you and she told me to just go play with other girls, Marty will come out and play when she wants to! My mom always has good advice. This is why shes my mama!
Love ya, and would love to see this black cabinet you speak of. I vote for only interior different color, no blue edges..

You, my friend are a goodie, and I am glad I will have this one post to get me through the rest of the summer, because..I know you..
later gater..
out at the beach (which isnt selling btw) no one is even looking at it. :(
coastal nest

Lisa said...

interior carcass??? what kind of a book case is that?

Mrs. Jones said...

Could it be blogger burnout? Actually, I could still spend hours blogging, but those doggon kids of mine are so needy (just kidding).

Here is what I vote for: Paint the edge on one side black, and paint the edge on the other side the grey/blue color and see which one you like best. That is what I love best about paint. You can always paint over it.


Mary Jane said...


This is a term I learned from watching the New Yankee Workshop. I love Norm Abram--if he weren't old enough to be my father.....watching him put together furniture or remodel a house way than makes up for the flannel shirts. Anyway, When you build a piece of furniture, like a dresser or a china cupboard (like mine) you start buy building a frame or box out of less expensive wood, then wrapping it with the good stuff. Take out a dresser drawer and look inside and you see the carcass. Very descriptive word, don't you think?


Sarah said...

Where you at woman!!!???

Poison Girl said... has been lonely without you. I haven't been a good little poster until recently either. I don't know why...there are weeds in my yard as well, piles of dirty laundry, clean laundry never put away...and no projects finished.