Monday, August 11, 2008

Oh Yes I DID, Girlfriends......


Did a facelift.

You may wonder, in the last year and a half, why hasn't that girl spruced up her boring blog for GAWD'S SAKE??

Alright.....fine. FINE!
Maybe you do have other things to think about.

Like......what you're going to make for dinner tonight. to raise your children to be productive members of society.
Or........WORLD PEACE?

But then you come over to visit with me here at Elizabeth Hill and you see this bitchin' new background, right?

Oh yes you do.

And you wonder: "Okay. That girl doesn't have an original or creative bone in her body. What's the story here?"

And you would be right. Because I went over to Mrs. Jones' blog for a visit and she outright tells us to go here and VERY EASILY download (or upload? Sheesh, I don't know.) a cute new background for your site. Mmmm-hmmm.

And I'm nothing if not a good listener. And obedient. Oh, yes I am.

You see, when Mrs. Jones tells you to do something?
You do it.
You don't question.
You don't ponder.
You just do it.

Now. You might cuss her out (in your head) for taking the cutest background? But then you suck it up and find another one you could use.


Lisa said...

Swanky for sure Marty girl. I love me some new updating, infact, I did mine this weekend, but.. HELL TO THE NO, its not this awesome, I only used plain old blogger and did a little "color adjusting"

I better go and see what Mrs J is doin over there, I havent been to see her in a bit. good excuse.

You go! It looks very nice!
glad to see your postin, lady..
its me..
coastal nest

Lisa said...

woah! I just did it. I think its a little bold, what do uyou think? Help a sista out.

Sarah said...

Ummmm. I looked through all of them and agree with you that Mrs. Jones format was the cuteeeeest. And you know what?!?! I am using it too. I couldn't resist. I spend a hour looking through and it kept calling me.
So I am a ripper offer, do you still love me?

Yours is very posh, and now I have to go and check out Lisa's...

Have I mentioned that I am so happy you are blogging again?? HUH HUH?????

(jumping up and down...)

Martha said...

Thanks Girlz,

I missed ya!


Martha said...


Amy....Can I help?

PLO said...

LOVERLY girl!!! It is like a piece of fine stationary. You are such a classy broad. Glad you are back! xoxo

Amy said...

Yes, you can help! I will send you a link with the floor we chose for the laundry/mud room.

Penny said...

LOVE the new look! I've been trying to find one over there too, but I might wait because I am not tired of mine yet. I am sure my readers are though...LOL!!

MOTY said...

Thanks for the link. I've been looking for a way to get a cute background (especially for free!)