Thursday, August 21, 2008


1. Oh's been a week, I tell ya! A rough week.
And that's all I'm gonna say.

2. No worries - nothing serious, but I'm glad I'm here at home, catching up on blogs today.

3. My sweet little Noodle is getting sassy. It's high time school starts. BUH-bye Noodle! Summer's over, sister.

4. My dear friend Kim had a healthy, beautiful baby girl. Wanna see her?

Boy. That sure makes me want another baby! Doesn't it make you feel the same way? Too bad I'm 38 and my eggs are most likely junk.

4. Noodle has been using the camera lately, so I find a lot of shots like this one when I download my photos:

5. I worked at the Minnesota Garlic Festival with MJ. We helped with cooking demonstrations from local chefs. My niece Allison worked with us and it was hot and muggy out.
I hate hot and muggy.
And there's one thing I hate more than hot and muggy: people who want a sample of the food we were giving out but don't feel compelled to STAND IN THE FREAKING LINE LIKE EVERYBODY ELSE AND WAIT THEIR EVER LOVIN' TURN.

6. Here's something I love: When the very same people who won't wait in line for samples? When those people say something really stupid in front of a large crowd and MJ (who was the moderator during the cooking demonstrations) looks at them and gives them her "WTF blink". Let me explain: MJ listens intently to the dumb/insulting/ridiculous drivel that comes out of said person's pie-hole. She then:

  • Pauses
  • Quickly inhales
  • Smiles
  • Blinks rapidly several times in a row.

It's classic.

7. I also love my niece, Allison. She just turned 21 and she cracks me up. I've been spending some time with her lately and it's been great.

8. I just finished watching the 3rd season of Weeds on DVD. Oh, man. Does anyone out there watch this show???? That Nancy Botwin sure knows how to get herself in a pickle. Season 3 is the best so far. Rent it, people.

And don't watch it if there's a child within a 3 mile radius of your television.

And, no, I'm not a pot-head.

I've never even touched a drug in my life and I still like the show.

9. I love air conditioning. Sweet, sweet air conditioning.

10. I've been thinking about redecorating the office/playroom. If any of you out there in blogland are my friends? You will remind me about my unfinished kitchen, primed-but-not-painted-garage, 6 chairs in the basement in need of painting and/or reupholstering AND the desk, hutch and bookcase also waiting to be painted.

God help me.


Sarah said...

I am so happy I got to read a new post from you before going to bed:) I laughed out loud at the shot Noodle left you on the camera!

I will always want a new baby A L W A Y S, as a matter of fact I want to get working on it purty soon. Let's be pregnant together MMMM K? (hehe)

I would be scared of MJ if she did that to me.. I needed her with me at the State Fair today with all the line budgers.. seriously.

I know nothing about Weeds... I have no time for TV. Its a sad state of affairs over here.

Blog on sister!

Michelle said...

Noodle's starting in with the sass already?! Well, early sass could be a good sign if my sister and I are any indication. My sister came out of the womb sassy but has never had a truly rebellious day in her life;I got sassy in my teens, and my rebellious adolescent years are to blame for all of my parents' grey hairs and nervous tics. Great shot of the sassy girl--it looks like an unconscious effort to shut that sassy mouth!

I've been meaning to check out Weeds. I'll add it to the list of things to watch /shudder/ this winter.

Mrs. Jones said...

Some people have no filters. I love the food-seekers at Costco who jam up all the aisles b/c they have to stand next to the food sample lady with their big honkin' carts to get their snacks. I think people lose brain cells when they walk through the doors of that place.

That sounds like my to-do list. I just love starting projects, but I'm not so good at finishing them.

Noodle's a great photographer.


Amy said...

Yea! A new post! Before you start on the office/playroom you have to finish your kitchen. I think you are not going to finish the kitchen to get out of that big party you promised to have at project completion.

We just picked up a new desk for the new home office. Bought from Craigslist...I love Craigslist. Carpet and paint colors are picked out but then I had second thoughts on the paint color after seeing Mrs. Jones favorite Tobacco Road. That is a great color.

See you TONIGHT Martha!!

Janet said...

Good to hear from you and that baby is so cute she makes me want one and my eggs have been tied up for many years, lol.


Lisa said...

"""""Hey MARTY..ITS YOUR FRIEND.. IM here to remind you about your unfinished kitchen, primed-but-not-painted-garage, 6 chairs in the basement in need of painting and/or reupholstering AND the desk, hutch and bookcase also waiting to be painted.

God help you.....focus..focus""""""

No, that baby does not make me want another one, Im just too frickin old..43 in october and thats just fine with me. I will let Sarah have the babies and I will be a great auntie..Im totally down with that..I would, although love to hold that little sweet thing and touch that soft skin and smell that beautiful baby smell... okay, Ill have, yes...NOO, quit it MArty..IMMM TOOO OLD!!

Now that you spoke of the adventures of Martha and MJ, Ill have to get over there and check out her blog..shes pretty much as lame as you tho with the no posting business. Why do you girls gotta waste my time?? Sarah and I post at LEAST 3 or 4 times a week, I guess its just the chronic overachiever and robotics in my system...At least I have my good friend and chronic commenter to lift me up
(Michelle, you know Im talkin about you, babe!!!LOVE YA!!)

And speaking of sass???? SASSSSSSS?? Oh lordy lordy..I got sass commin out both ends of every child, husband and neighbor in the hood lately. Cannot wait WAIT WAIT for school to start.

Its just me, with about 4 cups of goooood coffee in me,sorry for the comment hogging..
LOVEya marty girl--
coastal nest

Martha said...

Hi there, ladies!

Thanks for the kitchen reminders....I will post photos of my "issues" that I need to deal with.

And Lisa? Yes. MJ is lame with the blog. I've been checking her like crazy, but I do know that she is heading to The Hamptons to put on a big part for the red and white place. She may be too good for us underlings now. I guess the OTHER Martha is going to be there. I'm serious.



o.k. that has to be the most perfectly beautiful baby I have ever seen! honestly, they all don't come out that way...she is precious. I am counting the days til school starts for my little niece who I take care of...she is five. she is sooooooooooooo sassy. hang on school starts soon! are you loving this great Minnesota weather today? It was so nice to open the windows!!! have a good weekend...

MJ said...

I'm lame. It's true. I do have a new post, however....

The Hamptons...... I keep saying that whenever I can work it in to a conversation.

Martha's cooking for the governor next week. Just thought you all should know.


Jen@The Cottage Nest said...

That picture your daughter took is a hoot! I could see my girl doing the same thing. That's why I keep my camera up high where she can't reach it.

Kellie said...

I'm a Weeds fanatic too! I just started Season 3 last night... I'm sure I will be done in a few days. LOVE IT!

Barb said...

What a precious baby. I love the perspective of that shot. I must remember that, as we have loads of new babies being born in our family. (Nieces and nephews are now having kids, which makes me a GREAT aunt.)

Also love the shot of Noodle's dolls. What a hoot.