Saturday, October 4, 2008


I'm trying to think of a name for the condition I have and Blogitis isn't it.

Blogitis seems like it would be more of an inflammation of the blog, and I don't think my blog is inflamed.

Now. At times my blog may make you scratch your head, but you risk that everytime you come for a visit, don't you? So in the end, that's really more your problem than mine, isn't it?

..........No - not blogitis. The only accurate word I can think of is blogaholic. But that's such an ugly word. Blogaholic states that maybe I'm the type of person that can't stop reading blogs.

But I can quit anytime I want!



Any. Time.

Not a problem.

Here are some of my new (and old) faves:

  • Kat's Whimsy: She's doing a kitchen makeover. She's almost finished. I have no doubt she will finish. Reading her blog is like buying a beer fridge for the garage.

  • Reflections On An Empty Nest: Barb is a court reporter and she's into photography and decorating. I love her sense of humor and I've been reading her blog for a while, but it just hasn't been on my blog roll. It's been in my favorites list. Putting something in your favorites list and not on your blogroll is kind of like buying your vodka in little bottles you can stash in your purse. Or behind the cinnamon in your spice cupboard. You know what I mean?
  • The Queen B: You probably already had her on your blogroll. I didn't. Again, she was in my favorites. Kind of like slipping a little whisky in my Diet Pepsi.
  • Amongst The Oaks: It all started when I saw the makeover of her rambler into an English cottage. Then I noticed she really likes butter. We seem to have a lot in common. Then I tried to forget about her. You know - doing a drive-by on her blog, but not commenting? I recently started visiting her know - just to say hi. Nothing serious. It's all casual. Then? She offered to paint me a Z. And now I'm in love all over again.

Okay. These are my big four I'm going to put out there. There's more, but I'm taking baby steps.


Barb said...

I started reading this post and thought to myself that I could attend the BA (Blogaholics Anonymous) meetings with you. "My name is Barb and I'm a Blogaholic..." And then imagine my surprise (complete and utter surprise) when I saw that you had actually mentioned my blog. ohmygosh. I think that's the first time this has ever happened to me. I am truly humbled. Thank you for your kind words. And now I feel that I'd better go over to my blog and clean it or something, since maybe I will be having guests... :-)

Amy said...

Martha, I always read your blog at work, but this morning I was looking for the Nick Jr. website under my web favorites and thought I would pop in...Love the new look...I noticed Heather commented before on this. I do not get this same background when I pull up your website at work. I get the standard blue, your original. Isn't that odd?

I'll have to check out some of your new/old faves at work on Monday.

Lisa said...

How did you know where my Vodkas at?
xoxo to one of MY FAVORITES!!
coastal nest

Mrs. Jones said...

Now I know where to find the Vodka at Elizabeth Hill Cottage! My personal fav is Tequila in the Fresca.

I'm a blogaholic too, but have been suffering lately from blog burnout (or working at a real job and not having time). I would love to just read and comment on blogs all day. Wouldn't that be fun?

How have you been, girl?


Kat said...

Martha...Thank you I think!? I wonder what I have to do to turn that beer fridge into a wine cellar? Im gonna finish that kitchen count on it. I wish I was almost done. I will share a secret...I use the crop feature alot! lol!
Now I need to go see some vodka in a purse have some whiskey in a diet pepsi and visit a rambling english cottage.
Thank you! I love your sense of humor. Im feeling the love today!

Martha said...

Oh, kat!

Good idea! Drinking wine is much classier. Wine cellar it is. Of course. People don't notice one has a problem with wine until its way out of control, do they? People just think a whin-o is checking for subtleties in the grapes, don't they? Score!

Heather!!!! You are too MUCH!!! I'm going to the store right now to get some...errrr......FRESCA! That's it!


Amongst The Oaks said...

Hey Martha,
that's why we like each other so much, we're both Bloaholics! Thank you for mentioning/sharing my blog. You are too nice.
Serious about the "Z". Just email me at AmongstTheOaks@gmailDOTcom and tell me how big, what style, what color and the Z is yours.

Amongst The Oaks said...

BloGaholics! I meant blogaholics.

Janet said...

There is a Twelve Step Program coming to a church basement in your neighborhood there!

Until thenrelax and enjoy the addiction, after all you are in seriously good company!


restyled home said...

Oh, now see? You've just created a blog problem for me! Now I feel compelled to go check out the three I hadn't seen before!

You're an enabler, you are...


Nola said...

I think I might be becoming a blogaholic too! I found yours via a link, via a know the drill. And I really enjoy it!! I might have to put your blog in the pantry behind the "cooking" sherry for a while :)