Saturday, January 31, 2009

Once Upon A Time....

....there was a girl at work named Stephanie.

Stephanie had hair like mine - finely textured (and not in a good way, girls). But she also had hair that
stayed-put but didn't look stiff.

So one day, I asked Stephanie what kind of hairspray she used.

And then I held my breath.

Because I was thinking Stephanie was going to tell me she used the La Mer of hairsprays. .

But she didn't!
She didn't tell me she used the La Mer of hairsprays! She told me she used this:

So I tried it!! And I liked it BETTER than what I was currently using:

Then I felt

I tell you - courage, bubbling out of my every clogged pore.

You see - months later? I ran out of my shampoo:

I had been using the same brand and formula of shampoo and conditioner for 15 years.

And I needed to buy more. And it was gonna cost me $60.

But I didn't have that much money leftover from my puny weekly budget after my pre-scheduled-every-six- weeks haircut and two-process color.

And - Ladies? What's more important? Fresh cut and color or expensive shampoo?

I know.
It's a toughie, isn't it? I'll give you a couple more seconds to think.............................................................................................................................................................................

THE COLOR! It's the COLOR, ladies. Sheesh! GAH!.

So I went to Target and bought some of this:

For about $3.
And I liked it
as well as my regular shampoo and conditioner that I'd been using for 15 years!

And I am living happily ever after.
(Except I miss the scent and pretty packaging of the Aveda. I'm not gonna lie. It's all about the packaging, people.)

The End.

What are you using?

PS....update from Liz:
Acne Free is her new lov-ah. She's been zit-free for 6 days now. However, it's drying out her skin a little bit.
I bought the Neutrogena acne stuff. I'm going to continue to use it 'til it's gone, but I don't like it as well as the Proactiv. It's working okay, but I like the way the Proactiv makes my skin feel. I'll ask Lynnie what she thinks.....


Amongst The Oaks said...

I use Pantene Color Revival and like it a lot. And you're right! The money you save can be used for coloring your hair. No brainer.
You are so funny with the zit update.
Hugs, Laura

Cutzi said...

Ahhhh..... I love the way Aveda looks and smells too. But I actually haven't used their shampoo for years. I use Trader Joe's shampoo - the minty one currently - it smells good and it's super duper cheap and it doesn't make my hair feel weighted down. And oh man - nothing beats a good cut at a good salon. Except for the fact that my good cuts at my good salon haven't been so good lately. hmph.

I was going to write something else but I can't remember what it was. Can you do some research on some good Gingko Biloba too?

Suzy said...

Oh mygoodness. I love the smell of Aveda Shampure. I have a small little container of Aveda brilliance pomade that I use...just a tiny bit to get that yummy smell in my hair and it gives me my Aveda fix. And, although I have huge wild curly thick hair, I too use Pantene except the moisturizing kind because I go through the conditioner like crazy and I have to buy a new bottle every few weeks.

Michelle said...

I use John Frieda shampoo and conditioner for red hair, but my Target isn't carrying red anymore! It's $4.99 at Target and $6.50 at my local drugstore, and it makes me crazy. I'm thinking of going back to Trader Joe's shampoo because it's good and cheap (and smells good, as Cutzi pointed out). I adore the smell of Aveda products, but I can't really justify the price. I remember liking Pantene in high school, but I'll always associate the smell with high school, so that's right out. I tried the No 'Poo Method last summer, and I loved how my hair looked, but I couldn't handle the way it felt. And I knew Martha wouldn't be able to hang out with me. So I'm back to 'pooing. They really should have come up with a better name for that.

Dawn said...

Ok, so I think I just threw up in my mouth a little when you sent us to the La Mer page. Woah.

Ok, shampoo. I use bioInfusion Naturals Shampoo, Rosemary Mint. Walgreens is the exclusive boutique I buy it from, and its $14.99 for a bottle so big it has its own pump. Love it - great scent, great hair.

Have a great fear of expensive shampoos. Mom bought me some Estee Lauder liquid makeup, which led to the lipstick, eyeliner, well... the whole damn face. And now its hard to buy Maybelline when I'm poor. So, nooooooo expensive shampoo for me, and I have never had my hair cut by the same person twice. (As in, I'm a Supercuts girl, once or twice a year maybe!!) << crazy, I know.

Coastal Nest. said...

I need poo, very much. Thin, short, lifeless..egads. its just terrible. In fact, I dont even want to talk about hair.

Gordostyle said...

Oh... I can't wait to try all of this stuff! That is so cool.


P.S. I'm brave enough to try the hairspray and shampoo but I don't know if I can go away from Proactiv. ??? I'll let you know if I become brave.


Amy said...

Ha ha...I'm laughing at the "no poo method" name. Hmm...that name could probably work for constipation or diarrhea medicine depending on how you looked at it.

I use Pantene Color Revival shampoo too. I tried one Trader Joe's brand of shampoo and it was so bad I threw it was NOT the minty one though...I am going to look for that one next time I go to TJ's. I like to have two brands and switch every other bottle. I also like the Pantene hairspray.

Nothing beats the smell of Aveda but I can't justify the cost.

Martha...Have you tried coloring your own hair?

Janelle said...

I'm using some semi-spendy volumizing shampoo from Ulta right now. I've been having a hard time finding something that I like, but this is okay. Murad is the company, I think.

I figure for what I'm spending on the color (which I've managed to stretch out to two months between applications) I should use some kind of good shampoo, too. I never dreamed I'd be spending so much money on my hair...hello, middle age!

Lori E. said...

With you again, I use the Pantene for blonds, blah,blah, because I have the high and low lights that I must maintain because THAT is an investment........and THAT is important.

Barb said...

Suave, that's what I use. I KNOW!!! Could I be any cheaper? But my hair is naturally shiny and I don't like using anything that weighs it down. I save my money for cuts and colors, which add up pretty quickly when you go every 7 weeks. Maybe I should splurge and try the Pantene.

jilly said...

So I shouldn't tell you this, but my bro-in-law works for the company that starts with an A, and I get product for free or a $1. But guess what, I use Big Sexy Hair Spray, I recently switched to Garnier products for leave in and shine and my shampoo and conditioner, yep, Pantene beautiful lengths. Good taste girlie.

Daniela said...

I vowed a year and a half ago that I was never going to color my hair again. I was used to getting roots, foil and very very expensive product every few weeks. Then I put my foot down. Now I have a foot of natural growth, fake blonde ends and I use Pantene too. I love this stuff. My stylist said it's so bad for my hair, but really...can foil be any better? I know, I'm rationalizing.

Coastal Nest. said...

...and how was Seattle, girlfriend?

Anonymous said...

Wen products.

Laurie said...

I have a coworker selling AVON so I've been buying many of her products. I really like their shampoo and conditioner. I've been using the kind for colored hair. Bought on sale for $2.50. I think my hair feels healthier-much softer. I also use their oil for dry ends (dry ends serum in the light green bottle) before I blow dry-much cheaper than the kind I used to buy at the salon and does exactly the same thing. I am very impressed with Avon over all. Saves me a trip to Target or the mall too, not to mention supporting a friend.

Sarah said...

Marty- You have been tagged - come and check it out :)

Coastal Nest. said...


Judy said...

Martha: I just gotta comment on the shampoo/conditioner/hair spray thing. For years I bought some of that expensive kind, that set me back about $45 every time I had to restock, not to mention the $15 can of hair spray. One day in desperation I picked up a bottle of Suave shampoo (humectant) which "deeply moisturizes" and the conditioner for color treated hair. They are about $1.75 each at WM, a little more at Target, but they are WONDERFUL! Not to mention the shampoo smells like coconut suntan lotion!! Still haven't found a hair spray to replace my $14 kind but I may give your suggestion a try, it can't hurt, right?