Monday, September 13, 2010

What's Up, Buttercup?


We finally got a new computer.....ours crashed last November and I haven't been able to much computer-wise since.

But Mama's got a new baby now!  Oh yes I do!  We finally went wireless (gasp!), got a lap top and all I've been able to do is watch Netflix from dawn 'til dusk.  I've pretty much exhausted their 'watch instantly' cache of decent movies and tv shows and now I'm back among the living.....if 'among the living' means I watch tv while I read blogs.  Gah.  I love my life!

So......Hey!  How are ya?  Whatchya been up to?

How was your summer?  Did you do anything fun?  Do any projects around the house?

We're going to start in on the kitchen again soon.....I swear.  Zuddy's going to skim coat the walls in a couple of weeks and I will finally be able to paint.  I think I'm going to ixnay the allpaperway.  I just don't want to have to strip wallpaper again for as long as we all shall live.

I've been looking for house tours for y'all to no avail....there's just not a lot out there, ladies!  But I'll keep looking, mmmmmkay?


Michelle said...

Yay! So glad you're back!

Barb said...

Welcome back! Wireless laptop = heaven. Enjoy. :-)

house things said...

Wonderful to see you back to blogging. Be sure to give us a good tutorial on skim coating those walls. It's something I may need to try in my house.

Kim said...

Yay! She's back!

Ann said...

Yeah Martha's back!

Lori E. said...

It has been that long since I have read blogs, so this is perfect. I love the stencils from your previous entry!! My little blog died a slow painful death after it had been a year, I decided to let it go. I facebook, it is like a mini blog, which is all I have the talent and time for. lol YOU go though!!!!

Martha said...


Thanks for coming to visit!

I will for sure document the skim-coating!


Gordostyle said...

Welcome back! I'm so excited for you and your new love: laptop, wireless, netflix! Been there, done that... still am doing that! :o)

SeaWorthy said...

I thought you were dead for sure.

Custom Area Rug said...

HA HA HA!! I love your decision to never "strip wallpaper again for as long as we all shall live." I'd been considering it for the entryway of my place--reconsidering now that I'm reminded of the reality!!

Amy said...

M - I'm back working and need some reading material! Give us a house tour or something :-)