Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Front Door

Another thing I've done......painted the front door. 

It was a creamy color, just like the body color of the house:

 Now?  Well?  It's not:

And me no likey.
I wanted something that was unexpected - in a good way.

 But, no likey.  I think I need to start by painting that little bit of brown trim around the door opening and make it the creamy color of the exterior.

Help me. 



Janelle said...

I'm no help, because I like it the way it is! I think that little bit of visible brown trim defines the door, and I love the blue!

Janet said...

Paint the door Moroccan Spice by Benjamin Moore. A spicy red with just hint of orange undertone. Make the pop!Well, yiu asked...

Michelle said...

Oh my goodness, look at how much the Noodle has changed! She looks so grown up in the most recent photo! And she looks super cute in that outfit--complete with the perfect hipster pose.

I like the blue. I think painting the brown trim around the door cream will help ease the transition to the blue door. Check your email because I just used my truly horrible, nonexistent photoshopping skills to "spray paint" the trim, and I think it will work. Just don't pain the trim as badly as I did in this photo.

Thirkellgirl said...

I have NO idea what to do. My first thought was that you should go with the brown color on the storm door, not lighter, because it frames the door, and a little more of it would be better.

Martha said...

Thanks everyone!
Janet? I will go get that swatch. I was shying away from red, but I'll look at it!

Mrs. Jones said...

I've been thinking about doing a light, limey green. I'm kinda scared though. Maybe I'll just do black. I do like a good red door, but both my houses have had gross builder-cheapo red paint on the doors. :-0

Love Ya!


house things said...

I wish I could see the entire front of your house. If you don't like the blue, perhaps a warmer, richer color would work better for you. I like Janet's idea of an orange undertone. If you do that, I'd paint the storm door the same color and leave the brown trim alone.

Martha said...

Oh, boy.

Maybe you're right. Should I paint the storm door? That scares me. It's kinda new.

But maybe that's what is wrong with this whole picture?

Thanks everyone!

Uhhhh....uh-oh. Guess what my word verification is?

whoromat. Is that where you go to clean your whore?

house things said...

I see what you mean about the storm door. It does look new. I'd be reluctant to mess with it just for that reason.

Here's another idea. Look around your neighborhood at front doors that you like and see what they've done with their storm doors. Copying is not a bad thing.

Denise Posey said...

I'm a mail carrier and I look at doors all the time...DO NOT PAINT THE STORM will look tacky and cheap. The door is the only part that should be painted a different color. Since you showed only this small part of the front of your house, I can't be sure about the brown trim, but what I can see, it looks fine with the wood trim above it

Martha said...

Okay! I won't be painting the storm door - I can't think of anyone more qualified to comment on this than a mail know your front doors. Thanks, Denise!

I went on line for quite a while before painting the door trying to find fun door colors for tan and brown tudors. Red is about as "fun" as it gets. And storm doors are never on the nicer homes, but I can't imagine not having one.

Janet, I'm still going to get that swatch, though!