Friday, October 8, 2010

How To Wash Windows

I've been washing windows this week.  I love washing windows - I kid you not.  I think it makes the whole house look cleaner.

I used to hate it, though.  That was before I acquired one of these little sweeties:
Do you have one of these?  If not, you should get one (or two).  I have a large one (maybe 12 inches) and a smaller, 7 or 8-inch one. 

Here's what I use when I wash:
  • A bucket filled with hot water (about 1 gallon) and vinegar (a 'glug' or more precisely, about 1/4 cup) and a drop or two of dish soap.
  • A bunch of microfiber cloths - one to get wet and scrub the windows, the others to wipe off the squeegee and the perimeter of the window after squeegeeing the window.
  • Preferably a cloudy day...if you wash during a sunny day, the dirty water starts to dry on the window, causing streaks.  The squeegee really helps this not to happen, though.
That's it! 

Do you ever use a squeegee when you wash windows?

Here's a link to Family Handyman Magazine's window washing makes me realize that I probably need to change the blade on my baby squeegee.


Barb said...

Love my squeegee! I bought an extension rod that I can put the squeegee onto, so I don't have to lug a ladder around the house for the higher windows. It really makes quick work of washing windows.

Michelle said...

I avoid streaks by never washing windows. I'll try it with a squeegee next time.

house things said...

I like clean windows, too. It does make everything look better. Thanks for the tips.

Kim said...

Oh! I need one of those! My 5 year old still doesn't get the whole "don't touch the glass!" thing, so my windows constantly need to be washed.