Saturday, November 27, 2010

Blog Love

I've been blog-stalking like crazy.

I really need to update my blogroll because I know there are blogs I've acquired in my reader that haven't made it to my blogroll.

Here are a couple of them:

Meet My Ugly Baby
  • A Vancouver couple is flipping a super-ugly apartment in an attempt to make enough money for a their first house. 
You have GOT to check it out, people.  I love some good before-and-afters!

Good Bones Home
  • A Philly couple are undertaking the renovation of a home with "good bones".  Thank GOD for the good bones, because the decor is HORRENDOUS.
Country Farmhouse
  • A couple have completely renovated their country house.  Now their waiting for the arrival of their boy-girl twins.
"Captain-on-top-of-it", here just found this one.  You may already have this one on your list, since she has, like, 1,800 followers.  The before-and-afters are GREAT.


Kim said...

Great...another blog that I'm going to have to are an enabler!!! :)

Cutzi said...

Ohh... def. gonna have to check them out. My favorite lately?

Totally irreverent. Totally awesome design. I actually hardly ever read any of the other design blogs in my reader any more. She covers it.

Martha said...

Kim...tee hee!!

Cutz? Holy Crap!!!!! I LOVE THIS BLOG!!!!!!!! I was laughing OUT LOUD.

You girlz rock.

SeaWorthy said...

Yes, you..howyoudoin?

Meet my ugly baby is hysterical..the other 2 i will check out..later...but first--

I missed coming over and telling you to have..wait..I missed coming over here and WISHING you a happy Thanksgiving to you and your family..did you go to your bros? I did..

another thing, I havent been very ontop of all things blog. BIZZZZY round these parts. (and part slackerish)
my norm..
hope all is well in fartsterland..
give the Zudster props from me and that girl, that gorgeous girl..tell her I have a perfect young gentlemen, no wait..shes a little too young..Tell her "yo" from the berdeen.--
love ya marty..

jilly said...

Hey, happy belated Thanksgiving! Hope you had a good one! I wanted to do a ton of before and afters, but when the camera was stolen so were most of the befores. But the boy is under the sink in the master bathroom at the moment, maybe some afters at least later today! Love the The Country Home. But after spending last weekend in Thief River Falls for a family funeral, I am not sure I could ever do small town life. Maybe Long Lake or Medina?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog today. Yes, the drawers were cut to be less deep on my base cabinet. My contractor did it so I don't know how to do it myself. He said it would be no problem from the first suggestion of doing it.

Lauren said...

Wowee! Thanks Martha! Quite the Tuesday treat to spot this - you've made my day! All the very best! xx

Stephanie said...

Thanks for spotlighting my blog! And I think horrendous is pretty generous when it comes to the house :)

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