Thursday, May 12, 2011

Mom's Place


I know I've been a horrible blogger.  I know. 

I've actually been living life and not reading every one's blogs.  I know.  Crazy.

I'm at my Mom's right now, so I have access to the photos of her place that we worked on last year.  So here are a couple kitchen photos (clearly, stellar photography skillz is not a talent I posses.):

This is an ultra scary 'during' shot.


I'd like her to get rid of the ca. 1983 track lighting, but she thought the place was 'move in ready', so just letting us paint every blessed surface of the house, installing new counter tops, flooring and crown moulding was all we could ask for at the time.  Now that she's been here a year, maybe I'll start in on the lighting.  Not only because I like being pushy, but the track lighting isn't such a great choice if you actually like light. 


Michelle said...

Your mom's new kitchen looks amazing! You have all kinds of skillz, sister.

Janet said...

I love it Martha, great back to blogging (please).

Kim said...

Hey there! So funny, I was just thinking about you & wondering how you are.

I really like your mom's new kitchen. I heart white kitchens.

jilly said...

Oh I just love this! I have to send you the link to Kitchen Takeover that we did at my sisters house. She painted her white cabinets black, I thought my mom was going to pass out, but it turned out really nice!