Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Spool Chair

google images
I want one.

I priced it out.

For the fabric I chose, a chair and ottoman would only set me back $2,915.00

Oh, yeah.....that's gonna happen.


jilly said...

Oh I love that. . . not bad price either, cough cough. All in a days work!

Kim said...

Oooo, me too! Me too! I want one. I'll probably get one right around the time that you do :)

It's so funny, I was just thinking "I wonder what Martha is up to? I haven't seen a post from her recently." And I check your site & BAM! You've posted. I'm psychic. Or something.

Martha said...

girls, let's ALL get one, mmmkay?

Thanks for visiting my place, ladies :) Love ya!