Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Awwwwww SNAP!

My camera takes black photos.  

I found this out when I was taking 'before' photos of the Noodle's old-bedroom-now-office.  I'll try to borrow my Mom's camera because you all have to see the shit I've encountered.  And I have no nicer way to say this, trust me.  Saying "shit" and "snap" is as censored as I can get. And now I need some much harsher words to convey my feelings.

Here's how my morning has turned out: 
  1. I can't find the camera.  Zuddy has it in the garage.  Does it belong in the garage?  No.  It does not.
  2. I take a 'before' photo of the office.  The low battery light comes on.
  3. I plug in the battery for recharging.
  4. I remove the wire shelving in the closet and grab the battery-powered driver to remove the mounting brackets attached to the wall.
  5. The battery pack is fuckingdead.
  6. I go downstairs to get the extra battery in it's (unplugged) charger.  It's dead, too.
  7. I start removing the fugly "cedar" panels from the closet.  They are glued AND nailed into the walls.  
  8. I remove a couple of the panels and the plaster wall comes with them and crumbles to the floor.
  9. After the driver battery is charged I try removing those mounting brackets.  The screws just spin and spin and won't come out.
  10. I place the recharged camera battery in the camera and take photos of the closet.
  11. I download the photos and SURFUCKINGPRIZE!  They're black.
I give up.   

But I found a few half finished Noodleroom photos on the camera: 

Her bed is on the floor all klassy-like because she didn't want the the frame anymore.  Plus, she just wants her bigger bed.  

But Dave Ramsey and our bank account say, "No.  Get a real job, Martha."

I am frustrated on so many levels today.  I'm going to go and take a shower and get out of the house.


Michelle said...

Getting out of the house sounds like just the thing for a day like today. On the upside, Noodle's room looks super cute!

Thirkellgirl said...

Well, the room is adorable. I like the silver pouf-y thing next to the bed. As our pastor says regularly, it's well known that electronics are all demon-possessed. I think you ought to get out of the house, too. Have a pumpkin latte for me!

Kathleen said...

Keep going on the ugly cedar panels. I have that stuff in one of my closets and am going to have re-drywall the closet once the cedar crap is gone. Thinking of this makes me furious. I want you to be furious, too!

(housethingsilike is on hiatus)

Janet said...

Or just come to my house and eat some flatter than flat chocolate chip cookies...you know the kind...so flat the chips just stand at attention. Could be the new light colored cookie sheets, could be old baking soda...who knows ( or cares)!

Martha said...

Kathleen! I've been wondering where you were! My cedar is cedar chips compressed into panels, so it's SUPER ugly.

Michelle and Thirks! Yep. I'm going to have coffee and go to the habitat for humanity restore. So I can browse for things I can't buy right now and get even more irritated :)

Thanks for stopping by :)

Ann said...

How frustrating! That damn Dave Ramsey, he tells me no too!

jilly said...

I just left the job that has been consuming my life for over a year, feels SO good. Start a new job Monday and cannot wait. I can't wait to get some projects done at home!

LOVE those drapes, her room is just adorable, she must love it!!!

Where is the meatball recipe? :)

Martha said...

Yay JILLY!!!

That's quite a feat to have another job lined up these days..congrats to you, Jilly!

Yes...noodle loves the drapes. Did I tell you she picked the fabric and the room color? I'm kind of impressed with that kid :)

Can't wait for more of your cutie house, Jill.


p.s. Meatballs...coming up!

Kim said...

I feel your pain...my $350 fancy schmancy camera takes grainy photos -- my husband's $75 camera takes great pics.

I love Noodle's room. It's just the feel that I want for Hope's new room...only with pink walls...I had to compromise :)