Monday, November 28, 2011

hdof blog

I found a blog I'm obsessed with:

It's called Hairdresser On Fire.

Some day if  I ever make an effort with my hair, I will follow her tutorials. She is adorable and since I'm a girl, I love reading about hair!

She was saying in her blog that she can go 4 days without shampooing her hair.  4 days!  She uses dry shampoo and she has a tutorial on how to use it. 

Dudes.  I bought some today and used it: 

I don't know....I feel all scuzzy when I skip a day of washing my hair....I think it's because it's so fine and thin?  The dry shampoo isn't making it feel better....but I need to actually style my hair the next time I use it.  The jury will be out until Wednesday when I try it again.  I can only go one day without shampooing.  On the days that I don't shampoo, I usually get it wet, condition it and restyle as normal.  Like I said, today I didn't style it. 

What's your hair like?  Can you go more than one day without shampooing?  What's your routine if you don't shampoo?  I love how you guys answer all of my questions :)  Michelle, are still no 'pooing?

And thanks for the Christmas card answers.  I always like to hear what other people think!


Michelle said...

I didn't make it long no 'pooing. After about a month my hair was starting to feel more normal. But then I got a hair cut, and I didn't want to start the cycle all over again after they washed it at the salon. I wash my hair pretty much every day. I haven't tried dry shampoo, but every once in awhile I brush a tiny bit of cornstarch on my hairline with a powder brush if I skip a day of shampooing and my hair looks a bit greasy. It's not a perfect fix, but I've heard it works about the same as dry shampoo. I'll try stretching the time between shampoos once I cut my hair shorter--right now it's too long and it gets weird.

Gina said...

I've got short, thin, fine, crappy hair so believe me, I have to shampoo every day. Not to mention,I also tend to wake up looking like the Bride of Frankenstein! EEK!

Ann said...

I have fine hair too. I have to wash it everyday. I've tried dry shampoo and can get away with skipping a wash but only do it on the weekends or when I am not working because it does feel dirty.

Martha said...

I'm so glad to hear from some fellow fine-headed friends!

OMG. I wish you could feel my hair feels......I don't know - chunky? Blech! I can't wait to hop in the shower! I brushed it out and it looks okay, but man, does it feel gross!!

Michelle, what is your hair texture like? Is it pretty thick?

Cutzi said...

Totally going to check out that blog. I just need a new hair DO. And am considering dying it.. it's getting way to grey.

I have really thick, coarse hair. It doesn't tend to be oily or dry and I only wash it about every 3 or 4 days as well. And even then it's not oily. It's just so thick that I hate blow drying it and styling it all the time. I seriously can do it and go to bed at night and it will look pretty much the same in the morning when I wake up. Sometimes it's a good thing - a lot of times it makes my hair look stiff and helmet-y.

Michelle said...

My hair is fine, too. I have a lot of it, so it looks full. No 'pooing made it look good because it got rid of the wispy fly-aways and gave my wavy hair some real curl definition. But yeah, it felt pretty chunky and gross.

Jill Eldring said...

I am every other day. I have fine thin hair too. I have been every other day for over a year, but it took me a while to get to this point and it is usually styled one day and pony or headband the next. I also use dry shampoo, but it makes it feel gross. I do know that most stylists, mine included, will not do an updo or anything unless it is dirty, but I don't get it. . .

Martha said...

Sigh....Cutz, every girl wants hair like yours!

Well, I was getting ready for work and I just couldn't use the dry just feels too weird for me to have it in when I work. I would feel too gross and not be able to concentrate on anything but how disgusting my hair feels. I'll try again on a day I'm not working.

Gordostyle said...

I am addicted to this hair blog:
Now... I'll probably be addicted to the one you blogged about. I need to step away from the 'puter!