Wednesday, June 27, 2012

House Tour!!

It's been way too long since I've had a house tour, don't you think? 

This one is a little dream house....and I do mean little.  It's only 825 square feet and has one bedroom and one bathroom.  It's in such a great location and it's so well done that I had to show it to you.

Here she is.....for $219k.

The living room is 13x19.  I don't think there is a dining room in this house, so you'd probably need to squeeze one in here.  Also, I want a mantel.....don't you?

The kitchen is 10x14:

The bathroom is upstairs, tucked into the eaves of the home.  It's so cute I want to pinch its cheeks!  Or the cheeks of whoever uses it :)

The bedroom.  It's 16x13.

There's a loft.  How do you feel about lofts? 

The rear patio.

I don't think this little house has a there's another downside.  

What do you think?  Would you ever live in a house this small?  

For some reason, I'm so attracted to smaller homes!  I'm going to see if I can stalk this one in person.  I'd like to get in there to see how it feels.....maybe there will be an open house soon. 


Linda said...

Thanks for sharing this lovely home! It seems to "live big". I wonder if that's because it's unfurnished. I would love to see it furnished and hear what you think of it in person!
I would miss a mantle, if I moved in here, but could you install one on or around that stonework?

Gina said...

That is an adorable little home! It looks bigger than its square footage, but I wonder if that's because it's empty.
I love the loft area, but I'd be afraid to climb that ladder!

Michelle said...

So cute! The bathroom and kitchen look perfect to me. Definitely report back if you stalk it in person.

Jill Eldring said...

No. No. No. I could NEVER do it. I am sorry. Maybe my Stella cat could live there? No dinner parties, no wine events and I don't know where I would put my clothes or my cookbooks :)

It has a ton of charm and personality. Thanks for doing house tours again though, love it! said...
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