Sunday, February 3, 2013


Aaaahhhhh.  There's nothing like Sunday nights....watching Downton and blogging :)  Are you watching Downton Abbey?

Okay, so I haven't been able to work on the bathroom....but here's a photo of the shades I bought from Lowe's for the kitchen:


I know the photo kind of blows, but I had to take it with the Noodle's phone.

One thing I should have mentioned: the width is customizable, but the length is not.  Well, I should say: Lowe's won't alter the length for you, but it's easy to do yourself!  I did it under the watchful eye of my Mom, and if I can do it, so can you!  Maybe I'll do a little tutorial when I buy the shade for the bathroom.  All you need is a scissors, some Gorilla Glue and a couple of little clamps.

Anyway, I really like these shades.  I'm probably going to get some for other rooms in the house. I got a them with a liner, but you can get them with or without one.

Have a great week!  I'm working a lot these days (a good thing!), but I need to get my act together because I need to get going on my garden planning and winter seed sowing!


Janet said...

Marty, Try for the shades; I got several for my rooms when we moved here and I love them. If you have never used Overstock they are a dream to work and efficient.

Kim @ Vintage Pretties said...

Watching Downton last night, of course! I heard that there was some football game on....??

It's so funny, we just got shades for our kitchen windows, very similar to the ones that you have.I'm so happy to finally have privacy from the people in the back! Yes, it is a year & a half since we moved in, no matter!

I would have bought at Lowes, but we have weirdly sized windows & they didn't have anything that we could even cut to size. We went with Payless Decor & they seem to be nice and a good price, though we haven't hung them yet.

Thirkellgirl said...

That's just about what I want to get for my family room for summer. The shades I have now are driving me nuts, they're slightly too narrow for the windows. I look forward to your tutorial but as someone who never got around to taking the extra slats out of my mini-blinds in the 90s I don't have high hopes for my accomplishing that task...

Martha said...

Hello lovely ladies!
Janet...where the heck have you been, girl? I'll check Overstock....I've bought sheets there and was happy with them.

Yeah, I heard there was some football game on, but.....Downton, you know?

Thirks! Ha haaaa! Normally I'd be sportin' too long shades, too, but somehow I got 'er done.

Later girls!