Thursday, September 26, 2013



I can't believe it's been so dang long since I updated this poor blog.

Here's the story:  I've been working 2 jobs and it has been KILLING me.  For 15 weeks I had a food project and was working my part time job as well, and my schedule was nuts and all screwed up and Dammit!  I was tired!

Also, I've decided to go back to school.  For computer-y stuff.  I've visited a local college and I just applied last night!

My recipe work has been dwindling over the years and now I'm ready for a change.  As much as I love to cook, doing it for a living has kind of wrecked it as a hobby for me.  Plus, Noodle is older and I feel like I can go back to work full time now.  And?  Teenagers want stuff.  Like iPhones. And Uggs.  And spending money.  Little money pits, that's what they are.

And you know what else?  I'm sick of not having extra money to throw at all of these house projects!!

So. You may not see any more house projects happening around here for a while....though I'm for sure going to keep plugging along at painting the woodwork and the rest of the house.

Now, the bathroom update:

I have actually taken some photos, but all we have for a camera is the iPad, and for some reason, I can't send photos from the iPad to my computer. When I do, the computer turns its nose up at the photos and won't read them.  Weird.

So, here's the shower curtain scoop:  I bought that one from Pottery Barn, remember it?

via Pottery Barn

 Yeah, that's the one!

Well, I hung it up for a while and decided I didn't like it.  There was just too much white.  Plus?  It looked kinda cheap. 

So I gave it to a friend and made my way to Target and bought this one instead:

via Target
Much better!  The quality of the fabric is really nice......much better than I expected, actually.  And it goes great with fluffy white towels and the navy blue vanity.

The vanity?  LOVE IT.  It's the very best Navy blue!  I tried to cut some corners and get the knobs at World market, but they just lacked some details that made them look kind of cheap.  I still need to return them and go to Anthropologie to buy the other ones.

One more thing.  The new fixtures I got from Pottery Barn.  Zuddy put the TP holder up and it's a bust, so far.  Remember what I went with?

via Pottery Barn
 It's not working very well.  I don't know how to explain it, but right now it's hanging with the arm facing down. Zuddy thinks he can rig something up, but I don't want to put the towel bars up until we are sure his little fix works.  Plus?  One of the shower bars was BENT when it came to me.  I don't want to bother returning it and getting a new one until I know if Zuddy's fix will work. 

So, other than the fixtures and the cabinet knobs, it's pretty much done.  I will have to borrow a camera to show you how it looks.

So...that's it until I find a camera to use!  Thanks for prompting me to get this post up, Linda and Thirks! 


Thirkellgirl said...

Well, look what the cat dragged in, as my mother used to say! Glad to hear about all your excitement and personal growth. Sheesh, it sounds like PB stuff isn't all that well made. I got my toilet paper holder and light and towel rods and hooks at Target when we redid the bathroom several years ago, and they've been perfect. I'm THIS close to painting a mirror with your Navy Blue. Glad to hear you still like it.

Linda Garcia said...

Sorry to harrass you into it, but thanks for the update!

Even though I don't know you in real life, I think of you as my bud. I'm glad you've been busy with exciting new things!

It's very interesting to hear that items for Target may be better made than those for (overpriced) Pottery Barn! Makes me feel better that I don't often buy things from them; maybe I'd just be disappointed anyway.

Good luck with your new adventures!

Michelle said...

Teenagers still wear Uggs?? Shows how much I know.

Congrats on going back to school! Hopefully it will bring back your passion for cooking. Sometimes turning your hobbies into a career really isn't the right move. Here's to a good work-life balance.

Martha said...

Hi girlz!

Thanks for visiting me :)

Thirks, paint it! and i think i'm going to get a new t.p. Holder from target. I really wanted a nice quality brass based fixture to prevent rust, etc., but if my tp is sitting on the edge of the sink.....maybe a trip to target is best!

Linda, i'm so glad you "harassed" me into updating this thing. I'm glad you're my new bud!'s my favorite niece doing? Miss you!

Kim said...

Hey there! I'm glad that you are back!

We bought several PB bath fixtures & they were complete crap. We ended up with ones from Home Depot that look good & work.

Sarah said...

I'mmmmm baccck :) OK, first? Mine are not even teenagers yet and they want the world + 10 more dollars! And? I have the 'xact same shower curtain only in green and I love love love it! I use fluffy whites too! I just have to ask how old that Noodle is now?!? Plus, good on ya for going back to school! It was the best thing I have ever done ;)

Lisa McElliott said...


you are too fine.. I love the navy, I love the teen years (haha) and I MISS you~!

keep on keepin on, Fartster..


Jill Eldring said...

Oh how awesome, I love the target shower curtain, going to look. We bought all of our fixtures from Lowe's, very very happy! You will have to tell me what you are going to school for. Good for you though. Is the noodle going to trick or treat? I need to send you this house you need totour. I also have projects to update.

Linda Garcia said...

Merry Christmas to you, Martha; Zuddy and Noodle, too. I look forward to seeing what 2014 brings you.

Martha said...

Linda! Thanks so much...I hope you had a happy holiday, too! AND a fantastic 2014!