Monday, March 19, 2007

Bloggity Blog

Okay...I was sitting here thinking I had nothing to write worth reading.

So I took a break and drove the Noodle to school and now I still have nothing worth reading, but I have something to bellyache about. Are you ready?

To the parent in the Beemer SUV: I'm dying to know why you felt you didn't have to wait in line to drop your child off at school today. Are you more important than the rest of us parents? Why did you pass the entire line and then "budge" in line right behind me? Budger!!! Everything was courteous and calm before you came along. We were all getting along just fine: Everyone was giving their child a quick kiss before they left the car and then we were leaving in single file, waiting our turn, being "Minnesota Nice" and trying to start off the day following the rules. Then you had to come along and be all aggressive. You're lucky: I'm normally a fairly bitchy road-rager, but I'm gonna let this one pass and blog about when I get home. Asshole. Next time I'm taking a picture of you and posting it in my blog.

Whew! Sorry about the swearing. Sometimes it just makes me feel better. Wow! This blogging thing really makes me much more relaxed! Maybe I'll vent here more often! And I'll try not to swear, but you know, sometimes nothing makes you feel better like a nasty cuss word!

Okaaaayyyy. So! Friday the floor guy came, but just to measure. I will find out how much the floors going to cost on Wednesday, when my sales person is working again.

It's time to order the countertop. I can't do too much more until we get that installed. I talked to Zuddy about that, but if I know him, nothing will get done until I YELL at him about it.

Today I'm going to give the top cabinets one more coat of white and then I'm going to go get some shelving so Zuddy can cut it to fit and I can get stuff back in the cabinets. The doors can go on in about a month - I need to let them and the cabinets cure.

I'm going to start removing the wall paper. My neighbor Pam told me to use fabric softener mixed with hot water. I'll try a couple of walls today.

I have that block club meeting on Wednesday (I thought it was last week, but I was wrong. Which is a very good thing.) So hopefully things will be back in the cabinets by then. I need to do the "make this house look like nobody lives here" dance.

I'm working tomorrow, just for a few hours, which is good. Also, I took a job for the month of June. I really didn't want to work this summer, but with all of this kitchen stuff, it's probably a good idea. Plus, it's only for 4 weeks. And I'm working for my friend and I will get to see my old boss and dear friend, Kim.

Oh! Aren't you getting excited about spring??? I sure am! I can't wait to dig in the garden! I have so many things to do: I really need to level the borders on the front flower beds. I didn't know what I was doing when I made those beds, so now I need to make them look better. That's my first job. Maybe I will be able to do that next week.

Okay, sorry about the lack of I will include this one of our bedroom book shelf. It has all of the contents of the dining room hutch on it while I paint the kitchen cabinets. Something I've noticed: It never looks as bad in the photo as it does in real life. Why is that?

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HeatherJ said...

That is exactly why I take pictures when my house is clean and keep a scrapbook . . . so we can look back at those beautiful pictures and not see any mess or flaw. Seems like a silly thing to do, but now that we have moved, we love to look at the old house think about how wonderful it was.