Saturday, March 17, 2007

Arg!! I lost my entry!

So you're all going to get the "cliff's notes" version of the lost post:

  • I was going to go with the black and white tiles, but there's an agreement with everyone that the tan would be better. THANK YOU! I needed that. I'm going with your suggestions!

  • I'm scrapping the whole chandelier idea and I'm going with this fixture from Rejuvenation. It's $110 - way cheaper than any of the others. (Jen, all of the others are from Ballard Designs.)

  • I got all of my stuff from Ballard Designs yesterday! I'm replacing this ugly fixture in my living room:

With this one:

  • The Noodle and I have agreed on a wallpaper for the kitchen. It's a surprise! And I hope you are pleasantly surprised :)
  • I'm waiting for my new favorite HBO series dvd to arrive from Netflix. It's called "Big Love" and I'm on the first season. It's about this man who owns 2 Home Depot-like home improvement stores and his polygamist personal life....he has 3 wives. It's not for the kiddies. And if you decide you need to see it, please forgive me if you are offended. But, you know, it's an HBO series, so there's a good chance its offensive to someone, right?

I really really really appreciate everybody's inputs on the floors and lighting!

Hey Jen! You can find Mrs. Meyer's products on Mrs. Meyers website or a lot of times at nicer grocery stores and gift shops. I'm seriously thinking about ordering online because I get really peaved when I get to the store and they're out of the Verbena scent. Chaps my hide, girl.

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HeatherJ said...

This has happened to me before. One post took me 4 tries. Grrrrrr.

Can't wait to see the wallpaper. I love surprises!

Enjoy Big Love . . . Bill Paxton is one of my favs. ;-)