Wednesday, March 14, 2007

No Painting Today

Dudes. I saw this picture on someone else's blog and totally stole it. I love it!

Well, I don't know that I can promise that I won't paint today. I'm kind of addicted at this point.

I never made it to the flooring store yesterday, so I need to do that and run some other errands.

I'm starting to look at lighting for the kitchen, now. I have to order the xenon and then a new main fixture for the room. I think I can keep the fixture above the sink. What do you think? Ha. There's a big splotch of primer on it. I tell ya, nothing in this house is safe from the wrath of my paint brush.

Okay, here are a couple of lighting ideas for the ugly fan I'm replacing:

You know, I l-l-l-l-looove the "when pigs fly" chandelier, but it's $200. And wouldn't it kind of be a bee-otch to clean?

I need to order the xenon lights, too. They will be about $200. As I said before, Zuddy isn't on board with the xenon. It doesn't give as much light as halogen. I'm okay with that because I don't need it to. I just want a little light bouncing off my countertops, dude. Does anyone out there have halogen? Does it really kick out that much heat? Halogen is half the price. Feedback, please!!

Hey - and Denise and Kim - tell your husbands that painting builds character, dammit! Ha! I'm right there with you girls....gotta have the paint color you want :)

Oh - I ordered a new ceiling fixture for my living room and then all of the wallpaper swatches from Ballards yesterday. They had added more wallpapers to their collection, so I got a bunch of swatches - 11 in all, I think.

Have a great day, everyone!! Time to check out my favorite blogs :)


HeatherJ said...

I saw that picture on the other post too. It was right before our 9th snow day and I sent it out to all my mom friends who were home with kids *again* (with the title How I stock my pantry for snow days) . . . we were all feeling a little nutty (Love being with my kids, but enough is enough.)

The pig chandelier is spectacular! I'm shopping for chandeliers too. I would love to buy that puppy just to see what my hubby would do.

Kim said...

Oh my God, I need that canister!!! I wonder if I can make one???....

Jen said...

Okay, gotta say that I think the flying pigs thing might get old for you after a little time. I love that fixture below it though. Where is that pretty baby from? I think something like that will be perfect in my laundry room re-do. If it ever happens. Jen