Tuesday, March 13, 2007


So far, so good! I think I still have at least two more coats to put on (there are already two coats on there.) - maybe three for the gray. Which, by the way, looks more like a deep olive green than charcoal gray at this point.

Boy, that ugly stove really needs to be replaced, dontcha think? Unsightly.

I think I may go check on the flooring today. Just to get a ballpark figure.

If anyone is thinking about doing a little makeover like this and is wondering what it would cost, I'm trying to save receipts. I think I've spent about $150 on paint and supplies so far, maybe a little more.

Hey - guess what? Geez. I talk like someone is reading this.

Anyway, Guess what?

I was browsing through the latest Ballard Designs catalog the other day and I found this:

It's my desk. The exact same one I own. The one that I impulse-purchased while browsing at TJ Maxx. Here's how the shopping trip went (as best I can recall):

I see the desk. Oh my gosh. I love it. I must have it.

I should call Zuddy and talk to him about it.

I call Kirsten. (She's my dear friend from work. I've know her for 12 years. She's an excellent recipe developer, a really classy girl and a great Mom to twin boys. More on her another time.....this is about the desk, remember?? Gah! Stick with me here!).

I tell her about the desk.

She says, "Buy it right now."

I protest, "Zuddy will kill me. Can you please come over here and tell me what you think of it?" (This TJ's is really close to her house.)

"Yes, but I think you should at least put it on hold. You'll be sorry. You should just buy it. You can return it later if you want."

"I can't. No. No-no-no-no-no. Please don't make me buy it! (okay, that last sentence was a slight embellishment) But bring your big SUV. You know, just in case."

Kirsten hops in her car and drives up to TJ Maxx.

I'm waiting outside the front of the store leaning against my minivan with the desk already loaded up and ready to go.

It's called the "divorce desk" at my house.

You know why? I think you do! Zuddy didn't speak to me for two days after the purchase. That's never happened in the 13 years we've been together.

Here's the good news: It was $500 cheaper at TJ Maxx!!!!! Never underestimate the power of the Maxx, people! Totally worth it....er...I mean, I will NEVER do something like that again!


Kim said...

I think that you should show the Ballard catalog to your hubby :) The cabinets are looking good.

Martha said...

Hey, Kim!

Thanks! I love the kitchen you featured in your blog!

And of course I did show that to Zuddy. I believe "turned up his nose" would be a correct statement. Still a sore spot.

Thanks for stopping by! I love to know when someone is stopping by and reading.


HeatherJ said...

The grey looks really nice. I love it. Was it difficult to do? I have always wanted to paint cupboards, but I've been afraid to try (fear of hubby's reaction -- he doesn't fully understand my redecorating ways!)

Denise said...

Someone really is reading your blog - and enjoying it! Speaking of your beautiful divorce desk - I think I am about to have a potential divorce green living room wall. :)

HeatherJ said...

Mine is a divorce red living room wall (among other things). ;-)

Martha said...

Ha haaa!

You girls are funny!

Denise, I read your post about your livingroom walls and I about peed my pants. I loved the way you made the repainting his idea...I totally try doing this with zuddy all of the time!

My dear friend Peg just emailed me about her husband's $4000 di-vorce television :) I'm visiting her next month and I'm NOT above sitting there and watching it for hours on end! Ha ha. Sorry, pal.