Friday, March 23, 2007

SUCH A Great Day!

Wow. It really was.

First of all, the Noodle and I started off the day listening to a couple of selections from a borrowed CD set:

I LOVE this set. There is a mind-boggling amount of music. I think it's, like, 11 discs in all.

Zuddy and I have actually watched the infomercial selling these from beginning to end more than once. In fact, it started out that I was making fun of Zuddy for watching the infomercial. The guys from Air Supply narrate it while they're in a nursing home. Just kidding. ha. No nursing home.

Well, those wacky Aussies had me hooked! In the infomercial they never once mention the price. So you know it's not in the budget, right?

So last week Zuddy and were cat sitting (see Sammy, above) for his best pal while he was on vacation and WHAT is just SITTING THERE on his kitchen table??????

Yep! The whole freakin' set!!!! His lady love bought it for him! So now - and you know how nostalgic I've been - I'm listening to songs from the late 70's and early 80's. For some reason, I seem to be paricularily enamored of the ones from '78. Kenny Loggins, Ambrosia, Gino Vanelli (GINO VANELLI???? I know. I just can't explain it).

So anyway, the Noodle and I are listening to this music on the way to school. Then I "help" at her school, which I love. I'm crazy about her teacher, Sra. Ruth (remember, she goes to a Spanish Immersion school.). She is amazing. The children are amazing. They just love having a parent there and I get smothered with attention and hugs from them. They are only allowed to speak in Spanish, but since I don't know Spanish, the Noodle keeps double-checking with Sra. Ruth to make sure it's okay that everyone speaks to me in English. This is so sweet for 2 reasons:

1. She thinks I'm totally beneath her for only knowing English.

2. She is taking care of me and making sure I understand.

I get a big hug from Sra. Ruth. She's my "new best friend". (My old boss and friend, Kim, will laugh when she reads this: every time I encountered someone I liked and admired at work, they were, "my new best friend". )

Then I run errands: Smith and Hawken, Aveda, Pottery Barn, great antique shops. I only purchase hair products, but I love walking along and hitting all the shops.

Then I go to Super Target and I'm trying to pick out toothpaste. I hate this job. I never remember the last "flavor" we had and Zuddy - who is normally super easy-going - is not super easy-going about his toothpaste. So I'm standing there trying to remember and this sweet older gentleman gives me a coupon! Isn't that nice? He thought it would make it easier for me to decide!

So, then we start talking about toothpaste and he asks me if I've tried a certain one and I tell him, "Yes! I liked it! Do you like that one?" and he tells me, "I don't know! I've never tried it and I just got new teeth!" Ha ha!!!! Isn't that funny?

So then I'm trying to find doggie treats for the neighbor dogs and my hair stylist's dog. I have a hair appointment on Saturday and I'm out of treats. Her dog, Lily, will check my purse. I always forget her treats and I feel so bad. So....... who do I see next? My hair stylist, Diane! Crazy!

Then I ran into my sister in law, Pippi, and my niece, Allison! Crazy!

So, I go home, crack open my cheesy US weekly magazine, and remember that I need to take the self portrait challenge from my new best friend, Heather J. Of course, her picture is really cool and kind of artsy.

Heather J. : Girl. I swear I tried. They were all ugly. Here is the one of the 2 or three not-so-hideous ones I ended up with:

I look tired there. I really wanted to take a nap right then, but I had to meet the Noodle's bus.

So then I pick up the Noodle and later my dear friend Michelle (she was in a picture a couple of days ago) comes over to show me pictures from her trip to Ireland.

Then guess who calls? One of the local Policemen!

I'm a block club leader and his Mom lives next door, so he is always taking special care of us and he comes to our meetings. Anyway, he apologized for not coming to last night's meeting - which is fine because I cancelled it at the last minute (long story, but my tummy hasn't been good.) .

How nice is that?? By the way, he is known as "Officer Mc Hott" by the neighborhood ladies. He doesn't know this, but he's good eye-candy to have at our meetings. Keeps the membership numbers up, you know?

I mentioned a while ago that I live in the "hood", but we really do like it here. We bought the house while I was still in college and it's all we could afford. Our neighborhood is sooooo diverse. I mean, there are doctors living next door to gang members. Seriously. We have a really incredible Citizen's Organization and there are a lot of people who start their political careers at that organization. I'll walk around the neighborhood and take some pictures sometime.

So, that was my day! Just a great, happy day. No mean people. It was Zuddy's night out last night, so the Noodle and I hung out together and had girls' night. ( I get Wednesday nights out.)

Heather J. promised me some 80's big hair pictures on her blogspot. Ooo! You have to have shoulder pads on, too, okay? Ooo! Let's have an 80's picture challenge, huh?? C'mon everyone! Leave a note in my comments section with a link to your 80's picture on your blog! You get extra points if someone in the picture has a mullet! Ha! Game-on!!


Amy said...

Hello! I finally got a chance to check in at your blog! I never seem to have a chance at home to check in but now I have the perfect solution...I'll do it at work. I have plenty of time here (hee hee). So, I just read a weeks worth of entries, and I must say, even though you chose your light fixture already, I REALLY loved the pig chandelier. Also, great choice for the fan replacement, not too girly either, it fits the house. So, I stopped by Martha's house last week and saw her progress, she watched my kiddos while I went to an appointment, and, I can't believe we didn't make your blog!!! I guess we aren't as hot as the policeman!

HeatherJ said...

You look fabulous dahlink! The picture is great, you are beautiful, and thanks for humoring me (as in "indulging me" with my challenge, not making me laugh). I'm going to get right to work on that 80s hair challenge picture. I forgot your kids are in spanish immersion. Mine were in a spanish-only program for years. Very cool. Hasta!