Monday, March 26, 2007

It Happened Again!


I lost 2 HUGE posts this weekend. One Saturday and one on Sunday. I was totally irritated on Sunday about this, but I did come up with a good idea: I'm going to blog about a friend or family member every weekend.

I got the idea when I was blogging about poor Amy who "didn't make the blog". I explained that the reason I didn't blog about her gorgeous and smart children is because I had decided after I put that picture of the Noodle and the Sparkplug in my blog that maybe putting someone else's kid in here for the whole crazy world to see wasn't a great idea. I blogged and blogged about it and then lost the post - twice.

Okay - so here's where I decided to blog about my friends and family. I was blogging about Amy and I realized that there's a big chunk of time where I have no real grasp on what her life was like! So I'm going to start with Amy. I'll give you just a little intro, but I'm going to email Amy and see if she can get together for a proper interview this week sometime.

Amy is part of my "girls" group. They're a group of friends from jr. high and high school that I'm still friends with. We try and get together about once a month, but that's getting harder and harder these days. We have a weekend at one of the girl's (Dawn's) lake cottages in the summer and I really enjoy that. Whenever I talk about the "girls" this is the group I'm talking about: Amy, Sal, Dawn, Liz, Lynnie, Dana, Tracy (we don't see Tracy much since she's moved, but she's still a member). They know me the best out of anyone, I think.
But, you know how you think you know someone because you've known them so long?? But what you really know about them is so deeply rooted in their past that you might think you know them better than you do? Your comfort with that person is so great that you forget to ask them important questions about themselves. You only know what they volunteer to tell you about!
Well, that's what I got to thinking about. I need to find out more about my loved ones! Starting with Amy! Sorry, Aim, but you're the logical place to start, sisterfriend!

Anyway - I did have a great, busy weekend. I hope everyone else did, too! It was so unseasonably warm here! I went for a bazillion walks....well, okay. Four. One with neighbor Gretchen, one with neighbor Pam and 3 big dogs (Gracie Mae, Nikita and Rufus), one with neighbor Jenny and her 2 little dogs (Chi chi and Mia), and one with the Noodle while she rode her bike.

After we walked Chi chi and Mia, neighbor Pam came over to see the cute little dogs and then neighbor Bob was in his back yard with a Scotchy-Scotch-Scotch (Ha! Have you seen Anchorman?), so we were all chatting and decided that next Friday we're going out to watch karoake at a local bar. I haven't been to bar in YEARS, people! I don't really like all the smoke, but I'm dying to watch people sing and I had no idea this place had karoake. I know I'm spelling that wrong, but I don't care. Yes, I do. Let me look that up. Karaoke. There.
So! Jenny hinted that if we got her all liquored-up, that she might sing. Game ON! I'm totally up for that challenge (*cracking my knuckles*). I'm gonna feed her a couple of cocktails before we go!

Okay, so the other fun thing that happened is that my sister in law, Dawn, dropped by with my niece, Sweet Angel! I asked her if I could post a picture of Sweet Angel (she said yes):
I can't get over how cute Sweet Angel is. I'm crazy about her. She is my brother and sis-in-law's (Joe and Dawn) little one. She's almost three and she is hilarious. Maybe I'll blog about Dawn after Amy.

Okay, since this blog is supposed to be about the kitchen.....I should say that we got the Xenon lighting on Friday. I was hoping Zuddy would install it this weekend, but he didn't.

I've got almost everything put back in the cupboards - we ran out of shelving. I bought more on Saturday and Zuddy cut it down to size, so I will finish putting things away today and take off some wallpaper.

This is going to take waaayyyy longer than I expected. I honestly thought we'd be done by now.

Have a great day, everybody!


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HeatherJ said...

Noodle, Sparkplug and Sweet Angel are all completely adorable! You have inspired me to get to know my best friends just a little better. I have barely kept in touch, and that just ain't good enough. I have always wanted a lake cottage. And oh, yeah, and stop by my blog and check out my BIG HAIR PIX!! Wooo hooo!