Monday, April 2, 2007

Family Day!

I'm so excited....I have my oldest brother and sis-in-law's kiddies here, my niece, "Lulu" and my nephew, "Schmacker". They spent the night last night. We kicked Zuddy out and "asked" him to sleep in the Noodle's room. So it was me and the three kids in our attic bedroom.

I just love peeking in at Zuddy sleeping in the Noodles bedroom. It's so funny to see one of his hairy legs peeking out of flowery, shabby chic bedding!

Today we'll also have Zuddy's cousin's little girl, "Blondie". She is such a sweet girl and the three girls play so well together! The Schmacker and I will go to a museum while the girls play at my Mom's house. I'm also hoping to tromp around in the woods today. There's a great park near our house with a waterfall. We'll take some pictures!

I should link to my brothers new blog, The Garage Gourmet.
So - I totally get the title. Good stuff. My brother is an excellent cook and his garage is his "man crisis center". Got it.
But......but then you get there and there's a picture of their beloved new kitten, Ace. In fact, both entries in his brand-spankin'-new-blog are about Ace.
So it leaves me to wonder: Are we cookin' up Ace for dinner???? Is Ace starring in the next Garage Gourmet Recipe??? My palms sweat each time I visit the website. I feel a little sick to my stomach. And believe me, I will be looking around the house for Ace before I eat the "mystery meat" dinner over at their house.
I'm just sayin'.

Okay, so Zuddy got the under-cabinet lighting installed!!!!!!! Yay! All he has to do is cut the power off and hook it up and we're good to go! I'm hoping he will put the beaded board on the cabinet ends and trim out the cabinet bottoms to hide the lighting next week. He still has some major holes in the soffits to patch up before I can do anything about the wallpaper.

I have to tell you, I had a great time learning about Amy on Saturday night! I've been too busy to do her write-up. I'll get it done this week, though!

Have a great day!

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Janelle said...

My DH put in under-the-cabinet lighting for me a couple months ago, and it's so wonderful Our kitchen faces north and it can be awfully dark.