Saturday, March 31, 2007

A Fabulous Friday

First of all, I have to say that I'm getting really excited to interview my friend, Amy, this evening. We're meeting, as I've mentioned, at a wine bar. I guess it's a really great place with some live music. The guy I work for loves it and recommended it a long time ago.

Now....remember that old friend, Holly I ran into at the grocery store? First of all, we're getting together for coffee, so I'm really excited for that.
Second of all....remember that picture of "sick Holly"?

I've been like that.

In fact, there aren't very many alcoholic beverages I like to consume anymore.

And the last time I was like that was a few of years ago.

From wine.

I was sick for 5 days afterward.

So - while I'm looking forward to enjoying a flite of wine to taste the differences in a few of the wines, I won't be over-indulging tonight.

Speaking of wine, has anyone ever been to BIN 36 in Chicago? I was there with my dear friend (and Chicagoan), Peg, and it was awesome. They have the most amazing wines there. I had a glass of red wine with notes of smoky bacon! So cool!

But, I digress.......

I was going to tell you about my marvelous day yesterday.
Okay, so you know about that naughty Mocha I had....I drank it while I put on make-up (getting dolled-up is very rare) to get ready for a "business lunch" at my favorite delicatessen -

This place rocks. I had Matzo Ball Soup and shared their hummus platter with marinated tomatoes, capers and olives. You should know: I never share their hummus platter.
It's too good to share.
Everything was pure heaven. Afterwards, I got a black and white cookie as big as my freakin' head from the bakery.
I ate it in four sittings.
I'm not kidding.
I had to take a break from the cookie, people!
Ohhhhh, but I didn't give up, no sir!

Also, I got Zuddy a big pastrami sandwich on pumpernickel and brought it to work for him.

He was as happy as a lit-tle girrrrl.

Then, we went to the Great Estate. Its a place with wonderful furniture. New, antique, consignment - all of it shabby-hip and wonderful.
I almost bought an amoire for the Noodle. She needs new bedroom furniture and this one was gorgeous with a mirror on the door and only $700.

But, then, remember my divorce desk?..............Yeah, me too.

And remember the new countertops and the marmoleum floor I need so I can show you an "after" picture of my kitchen? ..............Yeah, me too.

Here's the funny thing: My friend and divorce desk accomplice, Kirsten, was there, shopping with me and egging me on. I think she may be a bad influence on me, no?

Anyhoo.....I hope you have a great day. I'll be posting my interview with Amy as soon as I can. I'm going to call her today and ask her to bring some pictures I can scan. I don't have a scanner so...........

NOTE TO DAWN B........could I use your scanner? :)


cityfarmer said...

Three pounds off since I jumped back on the salad wagon...see post...thanks for stopping by my little design corner of the may enjoy savvycityfarmer,too, my homepage....I do love wine....trying to cut back on the java

cityfarmer said...

p.s. we may be neighbors and not even know it.

cityfarmer said...
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Martha said...

City Farmer-girl!

I wanted to take a chomp out of that salad you had in your blog!!

Gasp! Neighbors??? Really?

Way to go on the 3 lb's ....I would've owed you 5 dollars last week :)