Monday, April 9, 2007

Happy Monday!

Oh the birds are singing, the sun is child is back at school today!!!!! No - really - we had a great time together, but I have a bunch of work to do, so I'm glad to have a little solitude here.

Zuddy got 2 of the cabinet ends outfitted with beadboard. There are 4 to go. I'm starting to get a little miffed.

I got some hinges spray-painted over the weekend.

I've been advised by many people to buy new ones, but I've found out rather quickly that hinge shopping isn't exciting. And I'd have to shop for hinges online. Blech. There are a lot of different hinges out there, people. What are the chances I'd quickly find the ones just like mine in a nice pewter color? Please don't answer that. Just nod and smile and tell me, "spray on, sister". Thanks.

We went to the In-Law's for dinner. "Sahara" ham and potatoes mixed with cream of mushroom soup were served. With pickles and olives. Please don't think I'm joking. The pickles were the vegetable and I'm pretty sure the cream of mushroom was of the low-salt variety. And that was pretty much it - besides the red jello mixed with whipped topping from a deli.

I've said enough, haven't I?

Oh, but afterwards the Noodle and I went for a little bike ride - the first of the season for me! Woo Hoo! It was 40 degrees yesterday, but it was beautiful and sunny and it felt so great to be outside. Why is spring hatin' on us??? I can't complain....I've heard someplace in Ohio had 16 inches of snow!!!

Go on over to Janelle's web page and look at the dogwood blooms she took a photo of. I wonder if I can get anything like that to live a full, happy life here in the zone 3-4 tundra? Anyone? Anyone?

Here's another funny blog. I'm reading the archives right now. Check out February 2006, where she writes a "letter" to Limited Too.

Have a great day!


Pen said...

There are varieties that are hardy in zones 3-8 (Gray Dogwood) and 2-7 (Redosier Dogwood). Check your local garden center and they might have one that will work in your area.

HeatherJ said...

Spray on Sister! And "Amen Sister" . . . my kids are back in school today too. I luv em, but the wheels really come off when everyone is here. It snowed here on Saturday and I'm just a teeeeny bit grouchy about it. It's up in the high 30s now, but that just ain't good enough, now is it! Had a nice, mellow easter though. How was yours? (btw, did you see the easter table setting at savycityfarmer? Wow!)

Martha said...

Ahhh, HeatherJ,

You GET it, dontchya, girl?

It's the SNOW that's messin' me up!

And sweetloveofGod. That TABLE! She needs to let us into her house to poke around and see that paint job in the dining room!