Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Working Today

I think you can tell from yesterday's post that I'm crabby. You know why? It's because I'm a woman. Other than that, there's no real good reason.

It will be very good for me to get out of the house today and go to work.

On a happy note, I've signed Miss Noodley-Doo up for Urban Tennis. I'm totally psyched for this. Remember my friend Amy? She did this program when she was a munchkin and ended up being a really good Tennis player. I think they meet every day for an hour or so and - bonus - it's only 2 blocks away from our house! It starts in mid June. I'm sad I'm working for the month of June, now. I want to take her there.

About Amy.....she's having computer problems, so she can't get me pictures to post. I have "Amy...part one" written, but I think we need a picture of her as a grade-schooler, don't you? Aim, maybe Friday night I can come and pick up some pictures?

What else can I bore you with??

Oooooo! I'm thrilled about this one. Remember how I told you I'm a block club leader? Weeeellll, we have a bunch of problem properties in our neighborhood. Mostly rental properties owned by slumloards.

BUT - there is a convenience store 2 blocks away that is very scary. When we moved here, it was a nice, clean-looking Super America. I could go there for milk, butter.....what-have-you. Well, about a year after we moved here, the SA shut down (they didn't sell gas at this location....and it seems they've only kept the ones with gas stations). Right away these dudes bought it and I went there once. It was gross. The owners smoke in there. The place looked instantly run-down and there's garbage strewn about outside the property. Well, there are rumors flying about that the owners are selling drugs from behind the counter and other people are selling right outside this place. We've told our block club coordinator and the city inspector and the cops who attend our meetings, but I've never made a formal, written complaint.

I finally made a formal complaint to the city about this. And I urged the block clubbers to do the same. Well, guess what? I was driving past the store? Cops! "Chatting" with a couple of kids standing outside the store! Yay!

I want to buy the place and open my own slightly upscale convenience store. Just food. No cigarettes. Have it be a CSA drop-off site and have all sorts of fresh organics. Also, a dinner entree selection every night. Something I've made from scratch. I've been thinking about it for the past year. However, when Zuddy and I were watching some show on CourtTV about shops getting robbed, I kind of shelved it. Also, I was looking into the cost of all of the refrigeration and that was almost as scary as getting robbed. :)

Well, I'm ready to start thinking about it again. That whole "lose-your-shirt-in-an-instant" aspect isn't so appealing, though. But I am thinking about it again.

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HeatherJ said...

Sounds like it would be a great little store. I've always had dreams of doing something similar, but the thought of loosing everything I own has held me back too. I've got 3 little people to put through college.

I do like the grocery game. I used to do coupons on my own, but it was way too much work. Grocery game is really great and I like keeping the coupons in file folders and not cutting/filing them all. They do miss things on sale or coupons are different sometimes, and that *really* irritates me but no system is perfect.

Can't wait to see the headboard pictures. I have a sleigh bed and I thought about upholstering a board and attaching it to the head board. Someday.

Have a great day!