Thursday, April 19, 2007

My Little Dream House.....

First of should all know that I'm totally house-obsessed. I love them all. Even the ugly ones and especially the small ones. I don't know what it is about me, but I really tend to gravitate toward smaller bungalow-type homes. And I like the years 1910-1940. This particular house is older than that, but we all make exceptions, right??

Here is the back of the house - you can see it from the park with the green chair.

Here is the side of the house - I have another shot of the side, but @#$!* Blogger won't let me add the photo for some reason. There is a beautiful brick patio off of some french doors in the side yard.

Here is the front of the house. There's also a great house across the street with an amazing garden, but Blogger won't let me add those photos, either.

I've told Zuddy if this house is ever for sale we're buying it. He probably put it right out of his mind immediately because if he remembered every time I said something like that, his hard-drive would be full.

Oh - who am I kidding? We'll never move. Our new neighbors, Pam and Jeff, have pretty much cinched that up for us. We love them. They moved next door last year and we simply can't get enough of them. They moved from the suburbs after their kids all flew the coop. They wanted to live in the city again, like when they lived in Philly. I think they got a little more "city" than they bargained for, if you know what I'm sayin'.

So....on the kitchen-front: I've replaced the doors on the bottom cabinets. I'm waiting patiently (a-hem) for a couple of paychecks to come from my last project so I can go buy a new sink, faucet, garbage disposal and schedule the countertops to be installed. Zuddy hasn't even started his honey-do list.....and Zuddy, if you're reading this: you'd better crank it up a notch. Or you'll be sleeping in your car.

I took Noodle to the Dr. yesterday and she has another strep infection. And now I've got a bug, too. I feel like doo-doo.

I just love our nurse practitioner, Beth. Last year she had to do a throat culture on the Noodle and it was utter pandemonium. I was totally horrified at the way the Noodle acted and I made her write an "I'm sorry" note to Beth after the incident and now Beth just doles out the antibiotics instead of giving her a throat culture. I shouldn't say that. She actually finds another reason to just give them: an ear infection, scarlet fever rash, etc.... Anyway, she still remembers that when the Noodle was a baby she loved listening to Fleetwood Mac at her day care provider's house (It was the only thing that would keep her quiet. She eventually got thrown out of that daycare for being a very difficult baby. This is why I have one child, people.). The Noodle is always heavily into a different song/group. Right now it's Gwen Stefani, so Beth always finds out who the Noodle's current musical obsession is centered on. Isn't that sweet? She's always really talking to the Noodle. We just loooove her. Going to the doctor is such a positive experience for her now because of Beth. Sorry for the tangent. Just had to give some love to Beth!

Hope you all have a great day!


Amy said...

Hi Martha,
I just love the big green chair! It makes me smile everytime I drive over the high bridge.


HeatherJ said...

My daughter and Noodle have a lot in common. How cute that she liked Fleetwood Mack!! Does she watch American Idol? We love it here at Casa Jones.

Sounds like Beth is awesome. We had a "Beth" in San Diego before we moved. :-( I miss her. Ilness showed up at our house today. My son went to the caverns 2 hours away and came down with the stomach flu. Aaaannnndd my daughter's friend is staying with us for the next 5 days while mom house hunts. Should be interesting . . . wish me luck.

Pen said...

If that house ever goes on the market, maybe I will buy it! What a treasure! I love little ole houses!

Hope Noodle is feeling better soon!

Janelle said...

I have to LOL over the "I'm sorry" note...that is hilarious, although I'm sure it wasn't at the time! I don't care for throat cultures myself, in fact doctors just need to stay away from my mouth, period.

That house is one of those that make you just fantasize about how you would make it come alive again. I've had a few like that myself over the years.

HeatherJ said...

LOL . . . I just saw your shout on SavyCityFarmer's blog. Is that house insanely gorgeous or what!!??!!!

Kim said...

We love our nurse practitioner too, more than we like the doctor at the practice! I hope that all of you are feeling better soon.

Know what you mean about the hub & the hunny do list....

HeatherJ said...

Hey girl! You doin' ok? I haven't seen you in a while. Have a great weekend! :-)