Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Sunday Walk

The noodle and I had a little walking "date" together on Sunday morning.

You see, we pass by this giant green chair almost every day and she's always wanted to climb on it. So I told her on Sunday that we'd walk to it. It's just across the river from where we live:

This is a little garden look-out before we cross the bridge.

Ooooooo! She sees the chair! A burst of energy running across the bridge!

Half way across the bridge. Isn't this a great view? Not to ruin your view, or anything, but if you lived here you'd know that lots of people like to jump off this bridge. I used to work as a cook on one of the boats you see down there. It was an old tow boat that someone converted into a bed and breakfast. Very cool. Very cool, that is, until you'd have a dining room full of people and a dead body slung into a boat and passing by the big picture windows for a drop-off at the marina.

Lookie! Here's the chair!

Ahhhh! We made it!! The noodle climbed as much as she wanted. She had a ball.

You can see how brown it still is here......we can't wait for some flowers and leaves! I took some pictures of one of my favorite houses behind the chair. I'll post them takes forever to upload these pictures. Trust me, though, you'll love it!

The noodle is very sick today. Man.....she's been sick a lot this year. She complained about not feeling well on Monday morning, but she does that every school day. Well, she came home after school with a 102 degree temperature. I think I lost that Mother-Of-The-Year award again! I'm going to call her nurse practitioner today. Have a great day!


HeatherJ said...

I'm chuckling a little right now, because I think Noodle has a little furniture-love just like her momma. :-) She is a qt, and I love the pink jumpsuit.

I love the pictures of the city. There is always more than meets the eye with a city, though, isn't there. Can't wait to see the house pictures. I love house pictures.

Oh, and you only get the bad mom of the year award when you send a kid to school *after* you discover the fever of 102. My kids got sick a lot the first year of school too. They're tough though.

Have a good day friend!

Kim said...

She is such a cutie! I'm trying to grow out Hope's bangs to look like that and she just looks a mess right now.

Minneapolis looks like such a nice city. I would really love to visit & explore one day.

Janelle said...

Wow, that IS a big green chair! She looks so thrilled--what a cutie. Sorry she's feeling sicky.

I can't remember what your city is, but that's an awesome picture.

JNB said...

I was driving over the bridge when a guy jumped off... It freaked me out for weeks after that.

Pen said...

Oh, Noodle is so cute! It looks like it was a beautiful day for a walk. I see you are in the midwest, and Kim mentioned Minneapolis. Are you right in Minneapolis? I LOVE it there!

Martha said...

Heather!!! Oh my gosh! I never thought of that! That poor kid is doomed....doomed to cast-off rickity furniture.

Hey there Janelle and Penny and Kim! We are in St. Paul - Minneapolis' frumpy little sister :)

But, Miss Penny, the Noodle and I will be traveling your direction next week - we're going to Chicago for a long weekend!

Take care, everybody! Thanks for visiting! Especially my brother, there, Mr. JNB.

Pen said...

I love St Paul, too! My cousin lives up in that area. I forget what city she is in, but they were married in St. Paul.

Wave when you pass either the Rawson Ave or Ryan Rd exits just south of Milwaukee I am not far from either exit.