Friday, April 13, 2007

Ooooops! I did it AGAIN!

No - not another mocha.


How could I pass this little honey up????? I mean, come ON!! And I'm not calling Manuel the budget-buster this time, though. I'm going back to Vicky. She'd better call me back this time, or I don't know what I'll do :)

My Aunt was working on recovering this at my Mom's house. My Mom is selling her house, so she wanted it out of her house, but my Aunt didn't want it anymore.

So where do we bring it???

Oh sure, get me in more trouble :)

So! Blogging friends: I want this little beauty to POP. What colors should I cover it in? Anything come to mind?

I'm DONE with my recipe development project! Woo Hoo! I feel like I just took a final exam and now I'm free.

It's a gorgeous 50 degree day here. I'm going outside to see how my compost cooked over the winter......have a great day and a great weekend!


Pen said...

Love the chair! Don't have any ideas on color, but will think about it.

It was a gorgeous day here too! After 7 inches of snow Wednesday we hit 52 today. In fact, the snow from Wednesday is gone and a couple neighbors were cutting grass. Crazy Wisconsin weather!

Martha said...

What?? Cutting grass?

Penny, we had the exact same weather as you.

This last bit of snow put me over the edge.....dang. I was soooo crabby about it.

Thanks for visiting!


Pen said...

Yep, cutting grass! My DH said the grass cutters need to get a life! LOL!

annewithane65 (Kim) said...

What a great chair!

Kim said...

You got that for free? Gorgeous!!! I actually like the color of the fabric, but you know what you have in mind.

Martha said...

Yes! For free!!!

I do like the color, but I want something different.....I need to do some fabric shopping.

Thanks for visiting, ladies. I get so excited when somebody leaves a comment :)


HeatherJ said...

How about a pretty blue? That is my vote, but I am color-challenged.

My honey mowed the grass this weekend, but now it is cold and insanely windy. Like can-barely-walk-windy. Me no likey.