Thursday, April 12, 2007

Hel-lo LOVE!

I'm feeling sooooo much better today! I'm almost done with a project due tomorrow. I will be done in plenty of time, so I feel right on track and the recipes I developed weren't totally inedible :) In fact, I brought the finished recipes to Zuddy's work and the boys in the office inhaled them. They love my job because they get to sample creations. AND Zuddy only works 6 blocks from our house!

The NOODLE, however, was another story this morning. Poor pumpkin. She didn't want to go to school again this morning. She was so tired and she burst into tears right as Zuddy was walking out the door for work. He was so bummed, I could tell. He wanted to stay and comfort her, but he was already late.

Luckily, I was able to comfort her with the promise of a home-packed lunch, a "parent pick-up" (instead of riding the bus) after school and dinner at her favorite restaurant, Noodles & Company (how appropriate, huh?) Then we listened to her favorite song the whole way to school (I drove her and I put the "repeat" button on the cd player.) and talked about what an awesome day it was going to be. That pretty much took care of everything.

She's such a little tender heart. Mornings like these are why I'm so thankful to be home. I just feel like she needs me right now. It was easier to go to work when she was a baby.

So - crisis averted for Mom and Daughter! I'm right where I should be. Next year might be different, who knows. I just feel like I should want to go back to work and I really don't have that fire in my belly like I did before having my girl. Yet when I'm home with no projects, I get bored and unhappy. Argh!

Hey! Heather J. mentioned that she loves toile. Well, our bedroom has a toile bedskirt and matching slipcovered headboard. The headboard was bought for me by my Mom who found it for $10 at a garage sale.

But watch out!

Whoa! Underneath that conservative toile covering, this headboard is all Elvis, baby! A red velvet hunka-hunka burnin' love!


Kim said...

I'm hoping that I can do in the future what you are doing part time when the kiddo gets to school age...we won't need so much $ when we dont have to pay for daycare! Its so great that you could be there for her today.

Love your covered headboard, by the way!

Pen said...

LOL! I LOVE toile too! I think I am going to use it when we redo our full bath. I am thinking black & white (or ivory) toile with apricot color walls.

The covered headboard is awesome. Much better with the toile cover than without! ;)

HeatherJ said...

Thanks for the toile fix. I *love* the bed. Your mom is quite the seamstress. I want to be like her. ;-) I have a sleigh bed and I'm thinking about upholstering a board and attaching it to the headboard. Someday.

I posted a response to this last week and my computer lost it when I clicked on "publish." Grrrr.