Wednesday, April 11, 2007

I was right! It was great to be at work yesterday! Boy.....I'm just trying really hard to find a balance that works for me. Right now I've got 22 recipes to develop and a kitchen in shambles.

Quick background: I lost my full time job a couple of years ago when the company I worked for was purchased by a company based in Ohio. Everything was moving to Ohio. We ultimately decided to not to go because of a monster-raise Zuddy got to stay put (Thank you Mick!). So the raise was good enough that I didn't really need to work too much and I could go back to food consulting. Great! I also wanted to become more involved in my community and do some volunteering. Perfect! And the Noodle was starting Kindergarden so I'd be able to be home with her so she could just do a half day afternoon program.

Well, I found working full-time really hard. Part of it was my own fault. I wanted to be the BEST! I wanted to WOW my manager. Well, that was just impossible. I stressed myself out totally - and dang it - she just wanted a little help getting the work out the door! I didn't need to re-invent the wheel! Sooooo.....2 years and big ol' Zoloft prescription later, here I am. Trying to figure it out. Wasting time blogging all the live-long day :)

How do you other Moms do it? I mean, I don't have a little one at home all day anymore, but I really want her to have the luxury of having her Mommy around before and after school. And summers. I want her to have a nice, fairly unstructured summer break. Last year we went to the pool almost every day. It was incredible!!

How do you other Moms do it? What makes your lives fulfilling? If you're working outside of the home, how much is too much? I'm curious.....

So here's a little teaser picture:
I have to get some caulk for some of those gaps, but look how clean and white those cupboards are!! Woo Hoo! And look how gross and dingy my old wallpaper is! Boo Hoo!

Have a great day!


k... said...

I think you are doing a great job on your kitchen, and well, your life! As you would say, You Go Girl!!" I LOVE reading your blog. I would write more, but I have to get back to reading....your blog!

k... said...

That's Kirst, by-the-way!!

Kim said...

I know *just* how you feel. I used to be an at-home mom, am now working full time & am going crazy. I don't think that going back home full time is the best thing for myself or my little girl (she loves her daycare) and we need some money. But, I HATE giving up the majority of my time to a corporation, to doing something that is completely unfulfilling. I'd really love to work at home or part time. Hopefully, in the future. In the near future, I'd like to get a house cleaner so that I don't have that to worry about!!! Good luck!

HeatherJ said...

Hello . . . I'm back! Your kitchen is looking great. When I worked full time, I was pretty unhappy. Love working but it was just too hectic for me. Working part time suited me well, but things got busier and I quit that job too. It's tough for moms. We need to work, want to work, want to be with the kids . . . pulled in every direction. Sorry I'm not more help, other than "I understand."