Thursday, May 17, 2007

10 Quick Things............

1. My sniffer is world-class. Especially lately (is it hormones?). When I'm out and about, I can tell who didn't wash their hair that day. Isn't that gross?

2. I used to be OCD clean. I don't know what happened, but I'm really messy now. I'm Clean, (as, you-can-eat-off-my-floors clean), but not tidy. I'm kind of turning into my Mother.

3. I love Junie B. Jones books. Love them. I push for the Noodle to get them when we're at the library.

4. I'm absolutely WILD about miniature things. Like dollhouse stuff? I don't have a dollhouse, but if I did, I'd be a total freak about the decorating of it.

5. There used to be a store at the Mall of America called Think Big. Not only do I love miniature items, but I also love giant items. Zuddy and I used to go to that store when we were dating so I could visit the big toothbrushes and paperclips.

6. I love naps. If I'm not working, I will probably take a nap. Please don't call me between one and three. I've got to stop this little indulgence.

7. I have no special talents.

8. Since I've had the Noodle, I could care less about my career. This is really scary to me.

9. I love the smell of my kiddo. The top of her head (sans lice, thankyouverymuch) smells like heaven. Even when it doesn't.

10. I go crazy when I see a kid under 12 years old sitting in the front seat of a car that I KNOW has airbags. Crazy. Makes me nuts.


Kim said...

That is so funny...I'm neat, but not always clean. I mean, I won't have nasty bathroom or kitchen, but some dust? I'll let it go! As you know, I'm with you on the career thing...I was never a big career person, but it means less now.

I've found it interesting that several people have put on their lists "I have no special talents". These are people, including you, who I think are SO COOL. That I think, I wish I could do "X" just like her. I've also always thought that I had no special talents...hmmm...what does this say?

Kellie said...

I have many comments about your list!
1. We love, love, love Junie B. in our house too. How funny was the one where she thinks roosters peck heads into nubs?
2. We have a dollhouse. It's my daughter's, but I obsess over decorating it as much as I do my home.
3. I feel the same way about the career thing. I only freelance now, for extra money, and that's all I really work for -- the money. Not the satisfaction. Tell me how much you are going to pay me and that's how much effort I will give you. It's weird, actually, because I really used to care about everything I did for work.
Great list! Have a wonderful weekend.

Pen said...

I can't smell worth a darn! It's a curse.

I love reading these little tidbits about my blogging friends!

HeatherJ said...

Oooh, oooh, I just passed this while I was looking for the armoire post.

I have *always* loved dollhouses. Tween doesn't want her dollhouse anymore, and of course I won't let her sell it at the garage sale, so it's in my room now! I got it at Costco at Christmas and it is really nice. You'll have to see if they have those again at Christmas time and you can get one for yourself ... oh, I mean for Noodle. ;-)