Friday, May 18, 2007

Oops! I forgot! tag a few people for the "10 things" about themselves! I want the Garage Gourmet, Casa Amada and Heather J (Penny already tagged her, but I don't think she knows it:) to tell us 10 things about themselves!

So, I never got to another store to get another counter top estimate yesterday. And today I'm going to lunch with a couple of girls from work, so it'll have to wait until next week, probably.

Our block club meeting on Wednesday was wonderful. Officer McHott was there....looking totally hot, I must say. Too bad none of the single neighbor women were there. Even Zuddy thought he was hot. Ha haaaa! That's not true, but Zuddy and Jeffie (next door) are jealous of him.

I bought an apple chipotle bread from that new BC2, our new bakery/cafe. It was really good! I also got the tres leches cake, which was good, but not as good as the one I usually get from another place (Cafe Latte). The one we usually get is amazing. It's a double layer round cake soaked with creme anglaise and then frosted with whipped cream. The BC2 version had a really great cake, but not enough creme anglaise. Then he frosted it with an Italian Meringue, which was kind of neat. I liked that. Plus, it had a faint coconut flavor, which was nice. I think I will get the carrot cake roulade for the next meeting. I should really make my own desserts, but I have enough going on, trying to clean this place so it looks like we don't live here :)

Oh! Speaking of which. I had to take my cook books off the kitchen bookshelf so I can remove it before stripping the wallpaper. I thought all of my blogger friends would like to see my dining room hutch (where I put the books):

It used to be my great aunt Bebe's. She passed away and I bought it from Uncle Fred for $100. It used to match our woodwork and the finish was very old and crackled. I didn't want it quite that dark, so Zuddy used a product (can't remember it's name right now) that just took off some of the finish and left some behind! So he didn't even need to stain it again! Just a little poly and this is the result. I love it.

Have a great day!

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