Monday, May 7, 2007

Animal Vegetable Miracle

Saturday night was so much fun!!! But of course I forgot my camera - argh! When will I learn?

MJ's daughter looked so cool and sophisticated! She didn't wear the traditional "pagent" style dress - she had an adorable ruched black and white polkadot cocktail dress that was short. Her hair is in a longer pixie style and she looks so hip and happenin'!

The dinner was great and MJ even fed me!!! Her other friend (and Mom of one of the prom kids) came over, too and we had so much fun getting know each other and chatting. It was just great. I feel renewed, like one does when they have a great time.

MJ also gave me a new book called Animal Vegetable Miracle. I had just read about it in a magazine and wanted to buy it! It's by Barbara Kingsolver (who is a great writer) and it chronicles her family's self-imposed challenge to eat only locally grown food (they live in Virginia, I think.) They grew a lot of produce on their little farm, as well as chickens and turkeys. Anything they didn't grow, they bought at a farmers market or from local farmers.

Of course, I spent the whole day reading. I made a few recipes in between, but I largely ignored my work. Naughty. I was scrambling today, boy, trying to get everything done.

But I finished the book and I'm inspired to try harder! Especially with the meat I eat. My friend and neighbor, Gretchen, and I have discussed this: she only eats free-range meats. She really wants to make sure the animals she consumes had a nice life while they were alive. Ever since she told me this, I've thought about it and I always feel guilty buying from the supermarket.

After reading this book, I just don't think I can do it anymore. I got on the computer and ordered a chicken and eggs from my CSA farm. I know they have a nice life there. In fact - I'm going to visit just to make sure. They have a totally open door policy and invite anyone to come and visit ...or work!

Apparently, it's not enough to see "free range" on the label....I can't recall exactly, but I think that statement just means the animals have access to the outdoors - it doesn't mean they actually get out there. Oh - blah, blah, blah. I'll quit blither-blathering now. The book gets very preachy at times - but if it's topic is something you're already interested in, you probably won't mind. I just skipped over the preachy parts.

Anyway, I also got some great recipe ideas for some of the greens we'll be getting from our CSA in June and they mentioned a cookbook geared for eating with the seasons, so I want to pick that up, too. Ooo! I also ordered some cinnamon swirl bread and raspberry jam from the CSA! I pick all of this stuff up on Wednesday.

So - that's it over on Elizabeth Hill today. I'm all tuckered out. Oh! I forgot! Zuddy put all of the knobs on the cabinet doors yesterday! They look so great! Now I just need to get the drawer pulls and I'll be good to go! Later this week I'm hoping to tackle the wallpaper. It's driving me nuts and I want it OFF.


Pen said...

Sounds like MJ's daughter was hip! The dress sounds just my style! Glad to hear the dinner turned out great.

The book sounds interesting. I may have to take a look at it.

Kim said...

I am SO with you on the locally grown/sourced food, organic food--basicly, CONCIOUS eating. I'm definitely not there yet, but making a big stride towards it. We have a farmers market in the summer & I've found a place where I can get natural beef. The cows graze out in a field, not strapped into a stall.

I should read that book. I wonder how she dealt with things like flour & sugar? Coffee? Tea? Did she do without if she couldn't get it locally?